Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year: Old Failures and New Goals

Morning folks,

Been a while without a post as everyone's been busy over the holidays with work, family, general socialising away from a keyboard, etc. So happy new year to everyone, and hope you all had a good festive period.

Now it's back to work time, which means a new set of goals for this coming year, as well as a recap of what I got done over December.

Dark Eldar:
Out of my Dark Eldar backlog I got all the Kabalite Warriors and Wyches completed and the Hellions ready for painting, although by that point in December I'd got painting fatigue and gave up in favour of Xbox gaming.

I didn't manage to get much else done, apart from getting Dark Vengeance bits out of the box ready to sand the bases and spray... So all in all, apart from that hefty chunk of Dark Eldar, I didn't get much else in the painting pledge dented.

Festive Gaming:
As a send off for the last game before Christmas, some of us playing in a 4 player kill team game involving a crashed shuttle and it's pilot S.Claus. So I spent a Sunday evening converting, undercoating and painting him ready for the game on a Monday night and thought he looked cool.

As for the actual game, alliances went out of the window pretty much straight away, and the Ultramarines kill team used it's Random Target Generator (tm) to full effect meaning no one was safe.

I decided with it being a new year and not really being too interested in the Dark Angels stuff, that I'd start myself a new army project and try to add at least 1 new unit a month. Hopefully reaching 2,000pts of painted stuff by the end of July in the hopes of going to Britcon 2013 in August.

The options were Tau, add to the Chaos stuff I had from Dark Vengeance or an army I'd been after starting for ages - Nids.

I decided on Nids as they were my original first army (after splitting Battle for Macragge) and I wanted to do the paint scheme I did on them with brown and bone, and mostly because it didn't involve vehicles, just big beasties.

So with my Xmas pennies I went out and bought the Battleforce and Codex as a launch point, and hopefully place an order for January's unit in the next few days.

I'm not entirely sure how I want the Nid army to be, probably just a collection of all the different units I can get hold of. Initially I wanted the core of the army to be Warriors, but it's pretty expensive to be running that, even with eBay prices.

That's all for now folks while my work PC churns into life after a month with no activity! I'll get a painting pledge for January sorted in the next couple of days too.


  1. Good work on getting hobby stuff done, even if it's not as much as you wanted. Sometimes you need to go through the painting fatigue, get away for a bit before you come around and find the enthusiasm again.

    Hopefully your new Tyranid army will spark the painting fire for you again.


    1. Cheers Pete.

      Trying to do little bits to get the painting machine running again, spent last night doing the bases on Dark Vengeance Dark Angels models to try and ease me back in.

  2. It'll be good to have more tyranid players at the club, if you want to borrow anything to help you decide let me know