Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 Hobby Goals

Morning folks.

Over the latter months of 2012 I accrued a lot of odd bits and boxes, combined with a load of un-touched Necron and Eldar stuff from the previous end of year, that's made me re-consider things somewhat.

What I imagine my hobby stuff looks like to the un-initiated...

Aside from purchases for my newly hatched Tyranid army, I'm going to refrain from purchasing new models for my armies (apart from anything needed for an event) with the exception of new codexes. For every army project I can finish off, I'll then allow myself to be able to buy new units for that force from then on. Until the army is entirely painted, then there's no buying stuff to expand.

So... what do I actually have on my to-do list?

First up is 40K, i.e. what I'm actually likely to do.

Imperial Guard:
- Find a use for, and assemble, 18 plastic Cadians.
- Buy whatever I need to get use out of those 18 Cadians.
- Wash vehicles to dull them down and match rest of the army.

- Spray and paint the following...
- 1 Cryptek
- Imotekh
- Trazyn
- 1 Catacomb Command Barge
- 1 Overlord
- 10 Immortals
- 5 Lychguard
- 1 Ghost Ark
- Go back and wash older models to match them with new stuff.

Dark Eldar:
- Paint the following...
- 10 Hellions
- 1 Raider
- 1 Razorwing
- Decide if I'm ever going to use the old DE models and do something about it.

- Paint up and glue on some power axes for the Sergeants.

- Actually bother writing an army list.
- Paint the following...
- 6 War Walkers
- 3 Wave Serpents
- 1 Falcon

Chaos Marines:
- Buy the new Codex
- Spray and Paint Dark Vengeance Chaos bits
- Use what I can to get the army to minimum 1,000pts to use as allies for Daemons.

Dark Angels:
- Buy the new Codex.
- Spray and Paint Dark Vengance bits

- Get the army to at least 2,000pts before the end of the year.
- Ensure that the army is fully assembled and painted.

Now onto Fantasy which is where things start to get flakier unless I start playing it again anytime soon...

- Paint the following...
- 3 Pegasus Knights
- 20 Grail Pilgrims and Grail Reliquae
- 8 Grail Knights
- 15 Men at Arms
- Actually play some Fantasy!

There's lots of other bits to do as well, like trying to organise my shelves and storage better, along with a wedge of LOTR minis that need a look at and my increasing interest in WarmaHordes but these are the main contenders of things to get done in 2013.

I'm hoping that these 9 armies can each be given a time slot of about a month to get finished and signed off. Spread over 12 months it seems doable to me, obviously real life and work dependent. There's some bigger chunks on there that might need longer than a month (I'm looking at you Necrons!) so this might be spread out to help things.

So there we are. That's my hobby goal for the next year. If I can get even half of it done, that'll be a massive boost, especially if I can avoid buying much more stuff on top of that (Tyranids aside). Expect January's painting pledge tomorrow when I've decided what of this list can get set for this month.

Anyone else got hobby goals planned for this year? Or is no one else as daft as me?

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  1. mine are

    1. get back into posting on the blog - i havent posted on here in a long time
    2. fix my tyranids - due to the amount of times ive taken them to a tournament or bashed them in the car they need fixing
    3. fix my salamanders - i had them on a shelf, all nice and neat, then the shelf fell down, i almost cried (fully painted salamanders army - approx 4 or 5K points)
    4. build my Tyranid Hierophant, i saved up for months, finally bought it and its been sat on a shelf, un-built for about 6 weeks.
    5. fix my terrain thats at the club, it gets bashed about a lot