Friday, 31 August 2012

Badger's Log - Squat Infantry Completed!

Morning folks,

Over the last 2 weeks I've been in full painting flow (mostly as stress relief to a busy period of work), to try and shift some of my backlog and to get out of the hobby lothargy I was in.

It took me a while to finally get a clear day, where I was off work and had time to spray them up - but I managed to get the Squats sprayed up in that time.

Backlog for these guys now stands at:
- 1 Archconfessor Kyrinov
- 5 Dominions
- 6 Crusader Henchmen

- 20 Sisters of Battle
- 5 Command Squad Celestians

- 10 Seraphim
- 1 Saint Celestine
- 1 Immolator

Now, onto some piccies!:

Group shot of all the remaining Squat infantry. Here we've got 20 Warriors, a 5 man Celestian command squad, Arch Confessor Kyrinov, 6 Crusaders and 5 Dominions. Took the pic while the black wash was settling, so the bases aren't finished here...

Celestian Command Squad:

This is my Celestian Command Squad. I know there was a lot of moaning about how they (and other Non-Guard command squads) aren't so hot, but I really liked the idea of modelling them. I think I messed up though and made the model with a Flamer instead of a Heavy Flamer as I intended. Oh well!

These guys have Green cloaks to separate them from my other cloaked squads (standard Celestians have Black, Retributors have Blue). The way I see it is, the more experienced they are is dictated by the colour of their cloak. Bog standard Celestians have no colour, then their cloak is coloured when they specialise.

This is my Apothecary, which is the real reason I wanted to make the command squad. Feel No Pain is always good, and I liked the idea of a Dwarf Apothecary. What's the best pain relief for Dwarves? Ale of course!! So he's heartily drinking a mug of it and lugging around a barrel of it for his chums.

Last unique one is this fella with the Loud Hailer (if that's what it's still called), with his trumpet from the Dwarf Miners kit. Originally I was going to give them a drum, but I thought the trumpet looked better on the figure.

Arch Confessor Kyrinov:

This is one of the special characters I fancied making, just so I've got pretty much every unit in the codex now. For his iconic items, he is the only model in the army to carry a Hammer (his Mace of Valaan) and his Miner's light counts as the Icon he carries (I think it's the Icon of Quenelles, but I'm probably wrong). He's got a cream cloak, so that he should be really easy to spot on the battlefield amongst the others.

Squat Dominions:

Everyone swears by Dominions, and I figured they would be my dedicated anti-tank unit, combined with an Immolator. So I converted these guys up to have 2 Meltas. Also, being a scout unit, I thought that they would carry a much smaller version of an Imagifier, as opposed to a big hefty banner the other units carry.

The Dominions are painted with Red capes to distinguish them. I figured since they're scouts, they're normally fastest to the fight... and we all know that Red ones go faster!

Squat Crusaders:

When the changes were made so that Death Cult assassins were now part of a Battle Conclave unit, I fancied rounding my 3 man unit of Death Cults up to a 10 man mixed unit. So I made these 6 Crusaders with Power Weapons (not sure if they're named "power swords" in the army list). I tried to bulk these guys up with some shoulder armour too, since they'd need to be well equipped for close combat.

Squat Warrior Squads:

These guys are more of the same. 10 man squads, Imagifier, Sergeant with power axe, Melta, Flamer. I've decided to name all my squads after Dwarves from Lord of the Rings, starting with Thorin's company from The Hobbit. I just need to work out a way of distinguishing them on the tabletop.

Squat Seraphim:

Rolling straight on while I'm in painting mode, I started touching up the areas where the spray had missed on these guys.

Then when I couldn't get back to sleep this morning, I figured I'd crack on with the Seraphim and drybrushed the metal areas. So well on the way to getting this army complete now. Just these fellas and the Immolator to go!


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