Monday, 3 September 2012

Badger's Log - Squat Seraphim Completed

Morning folks,

Productive week for me. After finishing off my Squat infantry, I rolled straight onto getting the remaining units left in the army completed. The first was the Seraphim, who weren't included in the original Infantry lot, as they weren't sprayed up at the time.

 I wasn't too sure on what colour to have the Jump Packs from these guys, so I went with Grey matching the clothing and vehicles of the army. The squad is 10 strong and has a Sergeant (can't remember the actual name) and a model with Hand Flamers.

This is the squad leader, armed with his jump pack, pistol and Eviscerator. Not entirely sure the pistol / eviscerator combo is allowed, but the main point is he's armed with an Eviscerator for a bit of combat punch and incase they got stuck with a Walker.

And this is my Squat equivalent of the Living Saint. I wanted him to stand out, so I got some Mechanical wings off eBay which look really cool. Would have been nice if they did some smaller ones and I would have done the full squad in that way.

So... just the Immolator to go now and the Squats are finished. Then, onto my Eldar!


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