Monday, 20 August 2012

40k Starter Set Pics

Morning folks,

Came across these online over the last week and thought I'd chime in with some thoughts. The new starter set really intrigues me, since I'd plan on using the Chaos stuff as allies for my Daemons (or vice versa) and now that the marines are Dark Angels themed.... it means I can add more and more to my Deathwing on the cheap!

First up... Chaos:

These guys look cool, and the Chosen remind me a bit of the BA terminators from Space Hulk. I think the Chaos Lord is a bit weedy compared to the rest of his chums though, although his pose is pretty nice.

Now, these guys are where it's at. Lots of people (me included) have wanted Cultists in the Chaos Codex for a while. I much prefer the Autogun carrying models, rather than the pistol / ccw versions though.

And I also figured, since I had a picture of it, I'd offer a close up of the Hellbrute. The way I see it is, this guy is some cross between a Dreadnought and an Obliterator in terms of look. But he does look ace, and considering this is going to be a snap fit plastic, the pose is great.

Now, onto the Dark Angels:

I like the character models a lot with these, they're simple but cool and with lots of DA iconography. But the best thing on this page..... PLASMA GUNS AND CANNON! I'm glad I held off on buying tons of AOBR marines and Plasma bits.

Also, there's a limited edition Interrogator Chaplain in the top corner. I'm not sure exactly what he's about... whether it's just a splash release Finecast / Plastic mini or whether it's for the first X number of starter sets.

Deathwing look cool, some of the poses are a bit awkward however. Whilst I'm glad they've included the assault cannon model, I'd rather have had 4 Storm Bolter Terminators instead, and get the appropriate special weapon myself (a Cyclone Missile rack).

The Ravenwing look cool and I think the best thing about them is they do look like they're in motion, as opposed to the standard Marine bikes.

So.. what's the verdict and who's planning on picking this up? I'd like to get a starter set myself for the Chaos allies and Dark Angels reinforcements and then plan to pick up various Dark Angels bits over next year from eBay.


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  1. I think it's a good set and I'll probably pick it up. I'm not sure whether I'll get it straight away to try and catch one of the Chaplains or just wait a bit until I've cleared some more of my painting stack and then get it.

    I'll likewise be adding to my Deathwing force, though I'm not the biggest fan of the assault cannon model's pose. Some bikes and general marine reinforcements are good. I'm quite excited by the Chaos side of things so I can develop a small, Nurgle themed force.

    I think it's a good follow up to AOBR and you can tell that GW's model quality and plastic technology is still very good.