Sunday, 12 August 2012

Britcon games 5 + 6

So continuing on, today we had the last two games and I was severely hung over with 3 hours sleep and a lot of sugar and caffeine keeping me going.

First game I was pitched against a Deathwing list with a squad of Ravenwing bikers. We were playing Scourging and I had a combination of 8 VP while he only had 7 on the objectives I was unsure how this game would play out as I had weight of fire, but he had 32 terminators and a lot of 3++ invul saves. As it ended he had 4 models left and I had captured 2 of my own objectives (he made one unit run on his last turn) and one of his. Zandrehk and Belial beat each other to a pulp for 6 turns until they both failed their last save at the same time. Another win for me giving me 3 wins and 2 losses and pushing me up to 3rd I was joint with two other people but winning on Victory Points all I had to do was beat or equal their next results Angryman was pitted against the Blood Angels and completely destroyed him while Mike was facing Guard and fought to a draw (the only draw of the tournament).

In the last game I was facing the number one place who had yet to lose a game, and Tyranids to boot with 6 monstrous creatures, one thing my army lacks is anti-monstrous creature weapons. Mike and Angryman were facing each other, my two rivals got matched with two people who were joint 8th and had armies theirs were built to destroy. My dice decided to abandon me and I lost a lot in the first turn, I went with a plan to kill the most Nids I could (gaunts and gargoyles) and ended the game with just my Destroyer Lord left while my opponent had most of his army left. Angryman got a big win against Mike while my two rival 3rd placers both got easy wins pushing me down to 5th.

In the end the final results were Angryman in 2nd, me in 5th and Mole in 7th (I think). Angryman will post the results on here shortly.

For the top 5 armies (out of 12) we had:

1st: Tyranids
2nd: Tyranids
3rd: Blood Angels
4th: Sisters of Battle
5th: Necrons

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