Saturday, 11 August 2012

Britcon Games 1-4

I had planned to do a detailed game by game post, but I have been so tired it hasn't happened.

So basically first round on Friday night I was put against Lynette and her Sisters Of Battle, it is the same army I played 4 years ago at Britcon, with 6 penitent engines, celestine, couple of Repentia squads a couple of Sister squads, a seraphim squad and Jacobus. I forgot all about my scarabs until turn 4 so I left them off and forgot my Flyer on the first turn. Generally it was a close game and it ended with her winning by pulling me off my objective with Celestine (who had died twice). So that was a Loss for me

Second game I was facing a Nurgle Chaos Marine army with Daemon Allies (Epidermus) in Kill Points (Victory points). I got unlucky trying to kill his defiler and it took two turns, u managed to kill Epidermus early negating his tally, and managed to get a win as I ran everything with one wound left away and hid them. So my first win.

Third game I was facing a Guard army with two BIG blobs of conscripts in big guns never tire. This guy had two manticores which really scared me and I made a bee-line for them. My scarabs showed me why people love them, 8 of them just ate his armour, I didn't even get to roll to penetrate. I ended up winning the game with a Lucky Everliving roll in the last turn to contest one of the objectives. Second win for me!

My last game so far (two more on Sunday) was against a Blood Angels jump army, I was dreading playing this guy as everyone had had argument with him about the rules so far. I had also said to him that I was just there to have fun (and try to win) so I tend to play the rules in my opponents favour if I am unsure of it is ambiguous and he said he just wanted to win. Anyway, first thing he said to me was "Do you want to see my army list, because I WANT to see YOURS" in a tone to suggest I was cheating, I very nearly walked away then but just smiled and handed it him. The game ran quite smoothly, any rules he thought were too good for me he asked for proof (which I was happy to show), and there was a lot of me saying, let's just check to be sure and showing him rules he had misread or misplayed. As I was so nice to him I quite enjoyed the game and got completely trounced once he got into combat. It is a shame that he was so arrogant about the rules and wanting to win. That was a big loss for me (I only had my Flyer left).

So, so far two wins and two loses. I am happy with those results, Mike B has also had two wins and two loses, Ste is steaming into the top pile with 3 wins to 1 loss against the only other Nid Player that has powered into first now.

Those of you that say Nids are useless, just need to learn how to play them better, because so far they are demolishing everyone!

Now for some pictures...

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