Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Road to Britcon: Stop 2

So I had my second practice game against Angryman's Tyranids on last Wednesday. We were playing The Emperors Will with Hammer and Anvil (kill points with Deployment on the short edge).

The game started averagely for me, I had the range and plenty of space behind me to move back into keeping me out of assault, but the dice let me down. My Destroyers were rolling 2's (hit on 3+ and re-rolling 1's) so just couldn't do anything. Despite this for the first 2-3 turns I was able to pick the Tyranids apart (well the smaller stuff) and had a lead of 5-1. Then it all went pear shaped and my army started to collapse. Angryman remembered to roll his "it will not die" (5+ regen) and not being able to ignore FNP with my low ap weapons plus Monstrous creatures being able to get cover much easier. The game ended 6-5 (I think)

The highlight for me was the Doom dropping in next to my Ether Crystal and dieing before he even did anything along with his spore. For Angryman it has to be his Alpha Warrior passing his Mindshackle test and slaughtering my Destroyer Lord (that's when I really lost the game).

One thing I learnt from this game is that the new Psychic powers are RIDICULOUS, especially the Buff powers, if an army has no psychic denial then an opponent can multiply his force greatly (as I found out) and only denying powers that target my units on a 6 is stupid. I had enfeebled cripple my destroyers nearly every turn.

I am thinking I need some anti-psyker allies, unfortunately that would mean standing around on a roll of a 1.

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  1. that game was a very close one, kill points is one game that is def not in the tyranids favour (or at least my tyraind build). the longer range of the necrons guns def hurt my army, the loss of the doom plus spore to the ether crystal was a kick in the knackers and gave col straken 2 VP's straight away along with taking away one of my big threat units. the change to FnP and cover saves helped me but as Col Straken pointed out, those new powers are awesome, the buff powers in the biomancy table are amazing. luckily for me the game boiled down to a combat and a challange the I luckily won. The road to Britcon has begun, i need to do a post about my army.