Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Road to Britcon: Stop 1

So Monday night comes around and I am thrown up against a deep striking Duke Sliscus Dark Eldar list. We get "The Emperors Will" mission with the Dawn of War deployment. Basically Bases, pitched battle.

So I deploy my unit of warriors with Zahdrehk on my base with the immortals slightly over towards his base with the monolith sat in the middle of the deployment zone. The stalker is hiding behind the monolith with the heavy destroyers and destroyers hiding behind terrain and the monolith respectively.

I was going first and made the mistake of keeping my wraiths in reserve instead of the destroyers (no idea why I decided to do that). So I was planning on doing a full battle report but instead of boring you all I am going to do a quick review. It started off badly for me as Mike made a good choice by targeting one unit at a time (meaning I didn't get my Reanimation protocols.

In the first turn I only took two hull points off a Ravager and had my unit of Destroyers obliterated by his armies combined fire. The game continued like this for the first three turns but then Mike moved closer and got into the Necrons ideal range 12-18" and his army started to fall apart as my Gauss weapons and higher strength stated to show. The game ended with me holding my own Objective, my Destroyer Lord contesting his, him with first blood and me with Slay the Warlord (and Linebreaker which I forgot about) so it ended 4-1 (but should have been 5-1)

I was glad I had the solar pulse as it meant I was on a level playing field and range with the Dark Eldar (though it didn't come into effect until turn 5). I did get shown how my army can be picked apart unit at a time (but luckily my list has enough units to handle this for a short period)

I am still undecided on the unit of 5 Destroyers as they are a big threat and short range (Str 5 ap3 24" 2 shot") so they seem to only get 1-2 turns of shooting a game. I'm going to keep trying them to see if it just how I am using them.

The game was close and ended bloodily, my Destroyer Lord won me the game and only by passing a lot of armour saves and being T6 against Str 4 wyches. He is a unit that has always done averagely but usually something I can rely on he rarely does bad, but rarely does great.


  1. When i played against this army on Wednesday night it had a LOT of medium range range, as i was using my Tyranids i got units picked apart when i got into range of his guns. The only thing that saved me was the new biomancy powers in the BRB. The destroyers being AP3 is a major threat and the heavy destroyers are excellent at longer range sniping (being S9). I like the new Necrons and their tactical flexability can really swing a game.

  2. I'm doing a write up on our game on wednesday which will e going a bit into detail on the new powers.