Thursday, 21 June 2012

Phalanx 2012 - Aftermath

Morning folks,

Last blog I wrote was a precursor to the Phalanx 2012 event last Saturday, and I've only just managed to get the time to write this follow up and chuck some pictures up.

I was hoping to Tweet whilst at the event and post pictures, however, my mobile internet was playing silly beggars and I managed to get only 1 tweet sent, 4 hours after I originally sent it.

Demo Games

We ran 2 demo games over the day, the first being a change from the previously announced Ork heroes v Chaos Daemon waves and instead swapped to a large Apocalypse game.

It featured Orks vs the Imperial Guard and allied Dark Angels, with a host of Chaos Daemons spawning from the Temple of Skulls in the middle of the board to harass both sides.

We didn't get much played, due to a lot of interest around the show at stalls and traders, but it looked nice on the table and got a lot of interest from passers by.

Imperial Deployment - Lots of tanks, 3 Valkyries and support from Heavy Weapon platoons and Dark Angels space marines.

Ork Deployment - "Put da Fastest over derrr and the smashiest over 'ere!". Plus, Big Daddy Kan (Potato head stompa) looking after his Baby Kanz

Having a game like this was also an excuse to get my converted Ork planes out and use the new WD flyer rules for the Dakka Jet.
Uh-oh. Khorne Daemons show up from the Temple of Skulls as the Orks hit the middle of the board. Looted Carnifex Deff Dred is surrounded by Bloodletters.
View from above with the Ork Dakkajets, Loots and Warbuggy Squigs nearby.

The other demo game we ran was a Very British Civil War scenario, called "The Road to Wigan Pier", which gathered a lot of interest also, especially from a nearby larger demo game of VBCW too.

It also featured a really ace demo board that Adam made specially for the scenario (and many a sleepless nights in the run up to the event).

And since it's set in Wigan, it rained through the entire scenario causing line of sight and To Hit roll modifiers.

The Wigan rugby team take up arms.

Using the courtyard walls for shelter was a good plan, but the bottleneck at the exit proved to be the most bloody area of the battlefield.

Lots of people enjoyed it, and Adam had done fantastically well on the scenery and the paint jobs on all the figures. It looked ace alltogether.

Now then, down to the meat of the show - the bargains. For me personally, there wasn't much on offer from the trader's stalls. There were the usual bits bags, 20% off RRP stuff, but the second hand and junk bags weren't as good previously. Found a lot of them that wanted RRP (or thereabouts) for stuff just because it had been painted to a decent standard.

Personally, I'm never likely to buy anything painted and leave it as is. It'll end up coming home and getting stripped, so I would rather save myself half the money and get it bare plastic.

If I would have brought more than just a tenner with me, the trader's stalls would have probably been a bit more use. I think next year I'll have to get saving up in advance.

Anyways, the real bargains were to be had on the Bring and Buy stands (if you could fight your way in). Since it was lashing down on the morning and there were people waiting to get in early, they opened up the doors about 15 mins before the show was due to kick off. Meaning that the bring and buy got raided quite quick.

Personally, I spent my £10 on a unit of 10 assembled bare plastic Dire Avengers in decent condition and also, the major bargain, 20 Cadian Guardsmen, in the box and on the sprue, for £5. Only thing missing was the bases, but I've got plenty at home for those. Not sure what exactly I'm going to do with them yet though, but I thought for £5 I couldn't pass those up.

Some other bits and bobs I saw around but didn't have the cash for:
- Blood Angels army of about 1500 - 2000pts part painted, with Codex and special characters for £90.
- Grey Knight army with 20 Grey Knights, 5 termis, Termi Librarian, Techmarine and some other odds and sods for £45.
- 40 Goblins, 10 Orc Arrer Boyz, 2 Orc Chariots and 2 Spear Chukkas for £8 (I did pick this up, then put it back down and now regret it...)

Phalanx 2012 was fantastic, great atmosphere, awesome looking demo games and lots and lots to spend your hard earned cash on.

I better start saving for Phalanx 2013, and get to the Bring and Buy at 10am on the dot!



  1. Good blog there Mr B. As always Mr stompa head had lots of interest & had practically an all day photo shoot.
    The kids had a good day as well & promoted the club really well dishing out all maws flyers, well Samuel mostly not for jordans lack of trying , and playing a Dr who tabletop game they were impressed with.
    I added a couple more eldar rangers for my corsairs & them 2 managed to get a few necrons & tyranids for a decent price. New armies I'm not sure but summat to make & paint anywho :)
    Hopefully we'll be there next year again & make it 3 on the bounce.

  2. Definitely need to do another couple of games next year. I'm going to start planning now - no missed sleep next year (mercifully it was just the one completely sleepless night. Mr Stompa and the Kinder Kans deserve all the attention they get, Jamie, and your two lads deserve paying for the effort they were putting in, James.

    I wish you hadn't mentioned the bargains missed, I'm kicking myself for not seeing the Goblins.

  3. Adam you got the best deals of all of us ......... walking around for the rest of the day stroking the boxes & saying "my preciousssss " :D

  4. I've got all the companionship I need now I have my new in box Man'O'War Eagleships. In the evenings I cuddle it while I'm watching Big Brother.

    I'm just wondering if I should see what everyone else thinks about my 'common sense shooting rules', James. Should I post them here? Or would that be trolling?

  5. Think u need to write a blog on it & get badger to post it up. See if its just you or if there are others out there with a similar disposition

  6. We could call it 'Woolhead's Weekly Whinge' or something.

  7. If it was woolheads whinge there'd be as many posts as you could physically type per day :o

  8. I would take offence but your criticism is probably justified considering you bear the brunt of my GW-related criticisms. I suppose a typical day for you at a work is, "true line of sight...table's too small...should be in epic...bla bla...look like toys now...might as well play character...bla...real Bretonnians have cannon and crossbows...why are all Norse Chaos now...bla bla...just stick it in one book...historically that's not how it would have hack...bla bla...poke my eyes before going to a tournament...remember when dwarf miniatures had legs...bla sodding bla'