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[EVENT] Phalanx 2012 - June 16th

Morning folks,

This Saturday, there's an extremely good event on called Phalanx 2012 in St. Helens which we're running some demo games for, so I thought I'd shed some light on it.

A bit about the show itself - you can find the full information here:

Demo Games. 

Last year there was about 10 demo games running throughout the day (along with ours) from all sorts of different systems, themes and backgrounds. Some ranged from Nazi zombies inspired survival, to a Roman Gladiatoral arena run by MAWS Black Panthers section.

They were all fantastic and looked great throughout the day with lots of very interested spectators and people joining in.

Buying Stuff!

The bit that most people came down for were the trader stalls and the hall was packed with them, ranging from brand new GW stuff at a decent % off RRP, to historical figures, hard to find books and second chance models (like a converted Captain Tycho that Sanguinus of MAWS picked up).

There was also a smaller hall filled with Bring and Buy stands, with people coming to sell their models off. There were some cracking deals going about, it was just unfortunate that I didn't have any money in my wallet at the time (or very fortunate, if you're Mrs. Badger). 

So this year, the MAWS lads are back again after 2011's big Apocalypse game, we've decided to make things a bit smaller in scale. 

Last year we had 10,000pts of Orks v 10,000pts of Blood Angels and Imperial Guard, which looked absolutely fantastic on the table and my Killa Kans and Stompa got a lot of attention from passers by.

This year we're running 2 games across the space of the day:

For 40K it's "The Endless Waaaaaaagh!", based around the story of Warboss Tuska from the Ork codex and a Very British Civil War Game "The Road to Wigan Pier".

The Endless Waaaaaagh!

The premise of the Endless Waaaaagh! is simple, 3 Ork heroes stranded on a Daemon World try to kill as many Khorne Daemons as they can before they are defeated and re-born at the start of the next day to fight again, trapped in an endless battle, for which they've never been happier.

We ran this as a practice the other night, made some tweaks and are happy with it. It should look fun on the table, withough being too heavy on the space and set up. 

Hopefully people will also be able to join in on the game, choose an Ork hero and see how long they can survive.

The Road to Wigan Pier

This is a scenario for Very British Civil War run by Adam from the club for which he's painted a lot of figures for and is making some awesome looking scenery:

Desperate to relieve pressure on the Liverpool Front, the Liverpool Free State reluctantly takes the decision to provide arms via canal to the beleaguered Wigan enclave of Trade Unionists and Socialists. Commanded by a former journalist hoping to join up with the forces defending Wigan, a small escort force - made up of an uneasy mix of communist Liverpudlian sailors and Wigan miners and rugby players - encounters resistance from a Royalist force detailed to defend the waterway..

This will be the first time I've seen Very British Civil War (or VBCW) in action, after Adam's run and helped in a few other Demo games for it in the past.

When and Where?

Phalanx 2012  
Saturday 16th June 
Sutton Community & Leisure Centre in St. Helens
Opens to the public from 10am to 4.00pm. 
Adults £3.00, Children £1.00, accompanied children free.

Cheers all! Hope to see you down there, and I'll have a blog up some time afterwards with lots of lovely pictures of it all - along with some Tweets throughout the day if you follow: @MAWS40K


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