Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Big Batch of 40K FAQs released!

Morning all,

For those not in the loop, there's been a big FAQ release by GW yesterday, covering pretty much every codex. There's some, like the Necron one, that are pretty intensive, but for the smaller ones, I'll try and do a summary of major changes or rules clarifications that we've debated at the club.

I'll add download links as well for you. Here goes...

5th Edition Rulebook FAQ
- Clarification on "Gets Hot" and re-rolls. It only happens if the result of the re-roll is a 1.
- They've changed some wording on multiple grenades to "Can a unit with multiple grenades"
Q: Can a unit with multiple grenades that have an effect
when launching an assault, or being assaulted, use one
of each of them in the same Assault phase? (p36)
A: Yes. Note that a model can still only use one type of
grenade when attacking a vehicle.
- Clarification on the hole of a blast marker regarding vehicles and half strength. If the hole is even partially over the hull of the vehicle, it's at full strength.
- Vehicles that start in Difficult Terrain still count as having moved if they fail their Dangerous Terrain test and immobilise themselves (although it doesn't specify how far they count as moving).
- Immobilised vehicles that moved at cruising speed in it's previous movement are hit automatically in the assault phase.
- Vehicles fire points cannot be used to draw line of sight for special wargear or rules by models inside.
- Transport vehicles destroyed in a movement phase where they have moved flat out, models inside are removed as casualties (clarification on this one from the last argued-to-death FAQ)
- You can't benefit from Furious Charge when using Counter Attack, but also, they can't have Defensive Grenades used against them.

Apocalypse FAQ
- The requirements for controlling an objective are now the same as in the 40K main rulebook. So therefore, you need troops to hold an objective.

Apocalypse Reloaded FAQ
- Army and stratagem specific stuff.

Blood Angels FAQ
- 10 Man combat squads coming on from reserve can choose to come on from or deep strike at different locations
- Combat squadding Scouts can infiltrate from 2 different locations, but only count as 1 deployment, not 2 units.
- Vanguard Vets can't use heroic intervention when deploying by Deep Strike from a Storm Raven.
- Blood Lance does not need to roll to hit.
- Sanguinary Novitiate in Honour Guard units can't take Honour Guard upgrades.

Chaos Daemons FAQ
- The Masque only rolls 1D6 for Pavane movement on ALL the units she targets.
- If there isn't space for a Chaos Spawn on the board from Boon of Mutation, move models the minimum distance required to place it.

Dark Angels FAQ
- Clarification on Ravenwing Combat Squads:
Page 27 – Ravenwing Combat Squads, second paragraph
Change to “Much like Combat squads, the squadron’s
Attack Bike and Land Speeder are purchased together
with the squadron and then deployed at the same time
as the squadron’s bikes, but from then on, they always
operate as completely independent units of one model.”
- Same Combat squad clarifications on normal infantry as per Blood Angels.
- Mind Worm psychic power needs to roll to hit.

Dark Eldar FAQ
- Wyches don't get a Dodge (4+ Inv) save from exploding vehicles in close combat.
- If you have a Djinn Blade and another Close Combat Weapon and choose not to use the Djinn Blade, you can't get the 2 extra bonus attacks.
- Djinn Blades can be combo'ed with another CCW or Pistol to get an extra 1 attack, as per usual.
- Flickerfields cannot be used against failed Dangerous Terrain tests.

Eldar FAQ
- Runes of Warding, Runes of Witnessing and Defend wording changes.
- Farseer and a Unit of Warlocks as a HQ form 2 separate units.
- The roll to prevent Perils of the Warp cannot be re-rolled using Fortune.
- Striking Scorpion Exarchs choosing to attack with Scorpion Claw don't get the +1 strength from the Scorpion Chainsword.
- Eldritch Storm needs to roll to hit (using the blast rules I assume)
- Mind War does NOT need to roll to hit.
- Dire Avenger Exarchs with 2 Avenger Shuriken Catapults fire 5 shots with Bladestorm.
- Chainsabres and Powerblades do not count as a pair of close combat weapons.
- Vehicles with Star Engines cannot ram or tank shock in the shooting phase.

Grey Knights FAQ
- Change to Servitor "Mindlock" wording.
- Combat Squad clarifications same as Blood Angels.
- Units deep striking due to "Summoning" psychic power, landing within 6" of a Mystic don't scatter.
- Turbo Penetrator Rolls add D3 per 6 rolled.
- Nemesis Force Halberds still get the +2 Initiative even if their weilders Initiative is reduced or set to a fixed value.

Imperial Guard FAQ
- Change to Mindlock Wording on Servitors.
- Dozer Blades re-roll Dangerous Terrain checks.
- Infantry Platoon wording change:
Infantry Platoon, second sentence
Change to “Each Infantry Platoon is deployed in place
of a single unit in missions that limit the number units
that can be deployed. In addition when making a
reserve or outflanking roll, roll once for the whole
Infantry Platoon. Any units in reserve that are
embarked upon a non-dedicated transport are instead
rolled for separately.”
- Company Command Squads are worth 1 Kill Point.
- Techpriests can only make 1 repair roll attempt per turn.
- Techpriests can try and repair a vehicle they're embarked inside.
- Penal Custodians gain the effect from the squads special rule, however, Independent Characters don't.
- Psyker Battle Squads can now use Weaken Resolve on targets locked in Close Combat.
- If a Manticore that suffers a Weapon Destroyed result, all it's remaining Storm Eagle Rockets are destroyed (if the other player chooses that weapon of course).
- Ministorum Priests and Techpriests CAN be taken as the Mandatory HQ choice.

Necron FAQ
- Scarab Swarms can only be added in coherency with swarms that have not been spawned this turn.
- Same with the Ghost Ark Repair Barge rule.
- Command Barge sweep attacks can't be stopped by cover.
- Entropic Strike is as I said, roll to hit, roll for strike, roll to penetrate against the reduced armour value.
- Loads more...

- Trukks that suffer Kaboom result now do leave an area of difficult terrain.
- Snikrot can't use his Ambush special rule if he's embarked in a Vehicle.

Space Marine FAQ
- Mindlock servitor clarification again.
- Clarification on Calgar's God of War rule.
- Same clarification on Combat Squads as Blood Angels.

Space Wolves FAQ
- Thunderclap does not scatter.
- You don't need to roll to hit with Jaws.

Tyranids FAQ
- Shadow in the Warp, Synapse Creature, Instictive Behaviour and Shield Wall wording change.
- Lictor Broods have to be placed in coherency with each other when they deploy.
- Every non-vehicle model in a unit that assaults a Venomthrope has to take a Dangerous Terrain test (I'm guessing people were arguing it's only the ones that make the assault move, or are in B2B)
- Enemy Models initiative is not reduced to 1 for assaulting through the Spore Cloud
- Tyrant Guard with a Hive Tyrant = 1 Kill Point.
- Units cannot take any cover saves, aside from being inside Area Terrain, from a Hive Guard impaler cannon
- Tervigon clarification about when the bonuses and range applies from Brood Progenitor.
- Spore Mines that arrive via deep strike, enemies must keep 1" away.
- Independent Characters can join a unit of Termagants and benefit from the Brood Progenitor rule, but if the Tervigon is killed, the Independent Character takes the damage also.
- Lash Whips Clarification for Force Halberds.
- Walkers and Acid Blood clarification.

Phew... That took a while to get through. Enjoy and feel free to rejoice, complain and debate!



  1. My Tyranids got a little bit better, If only I'd have had this yesterday, i could have killed those vendettas last night!!!!

  2. It also states in the FAQ that tyranid shadow in the warp effects units in transports BUT the doom's ability does not, double standards me thinks!!!

  3. @Angryman - the Impaler ruling is already backfiring:

    "Q: Can a unit take cover saves from any source other
    than the terrain they are in, or touching, against
    Wounds caused by an impaler cannon? (p47)
    A: No."

    It specifically says WOUNDS and because vehicles dont have wounds, you can expect arguments about this not counting against vehicles and smoke/moving fast still counts.

    I made a sad face.

  4. @SuicideBadger - not my spot, its doing the rounds on The Tyranid Hive forum.

    Fingers crossed it gets updated asap. Lol.

  5. I can't believe they have ALREADY nerfed that rule amendment!! my sad face feels your sad faces pain!!! at least it'll work against nob bikers...... not that anyone uses them any more

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  8. ive got a question, if a unit with defensive grenades gets assaulted by more than one unit, do all of the units get the penalty of the grenade? (im asking this becouse i assaulted a squad of paladins with an HQ that had defensive grenades with 4 units, and the person i played with insisted that all of my assaulting units got penalized by the one guy with the grenade)