Sunday, 22 January 2012

Taffeh's Blog: Thunderhawk-Hooo!!!

I've just finished posting my personal blog (see the links section.. ) and wanted to re-post it here for the wider MAWs followers being the fairly the new kid in the club still and not known to the greater community. I do really badly at updating my blog as 1) I keep updating my hobby-fanatical friends on Facebook who live in Swansea and 2) Blogspot requires me to log into my PC as the iPad support is gash!

I've had a mainly Wolfie month and a half concentrating on a few Space Wolves models - one of them being my favorite model released in the last few years:

But now onto the main event - The guys at the club have yet to see the Thunderhawk in her flesh / resin (Still need a name for the minx) and I've only teased one or two with a few pics from a while back.

First up is the Thunderhawk progress - and as you can see I've starting to get the sub-assembly pieces together. I started off working on each wing - as they are two of the heaviest parts of the Thunderhawk I decided to start by magnetising the Heavy Bolter sponsons and missile racks into the strong-points on the underside. After this I dry-fitted and pinned the engine pieces onto the front and rear of the wings and finally the flaps.

Next, removing all pieces bar the magnets I was able to use 4mm rod to pin the wings to the main hull...

The landing gear came next, so the T-Hawk could sit flat with any further work. I pinned successfully with good-old trusty paperclips...

After using epoxy resin to glue the gear in place, I used a flat sheet of foamboard and something weighty (In mother Vostroya, pad lands you!) to ensure to all 3 feet were level..

I also drilled a quite large hole ready for... well, you'll see next...

I've been experimenting with a base for the Thunderhawk, and although I'm starting to think it maybe too much for putting down in Apoc games, It'll be awesome as a show-piece. I'd also give a shout out to my bud Paul (of Armies on Parade fame - his Blood Angels army came runner up) for basically co-designing and building this who spent a few days up with me around New Years Eve where we came up with this

Using some steel threaded rod, washers and nuts (I got to learn the B&Q section for these really well just before Christmas - as I kept picking up the wrong size nuts!)

More Sand please!

At the rear of the building there is a crashed Landspeeder - I havent decided what chapter I wish to paint this yet.. White Panthers, Blood Angels, Salamanders, Fists, Howling Griffons may all be possibilities to show my appreciation for friend's Chapters.

And finally, I've come to paint to cockpit of the Thunderhawk...

Well, back to my paint-table - where, on a lazy Sunday afternoon I've got my airbrush waiting to spray both pilots and a BattleFleet Gothic Wolves Fleet....


  1. Ive got to agree with uniteallaction, its looking very good, when do we get to see more?