Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Badger's Log - Blood Bowl Goings On

Morning folks,

I've been meaning to post this for a few days now, but I've had other stuff be getting in the way... Over the last few weeks I've been talking a lot about playing and getting involved more with Blood Bowl. So before Xmas, I'd planned a game with Col. Straken to get back used to the rules of Blood Bowl, so I could use this as a refresher to help other people start to play.

Then, I remembered on Sunday night that I was supposed to be playing and then took a look at my Blood Bowl stuff. It was painted before I'd actually ever painted any Orks, so they were my first attempt at Greenskins. I also looked at my Human team, who had white clothing and kinda thought "How did I live without Black Wash?!".

So I washed both teams, and then set about numbering my Orc squad with squad numbers on their backs:

Then I remembered, that I had a Troll I bought when Skull Pass was released, to use in the team and hadn't bothered to paint him since it showed up from eBay. He was already undercoated, so I thought since Sunday night was a bit slow, I could get him painted up

I went for a blue scheme on him, to set him apart from the other Greenskins on the table, and since I didn't fancy going for the more grey LOTR style troll. I think he looks pretty decent for an hour's work, and makes the overall team look much better on the table.

So then, I took my newly numbered team and freshly painted Troll down to the club, to actually do some bone-breaking, knee-smashing, head-bashing and maybe, just maybe, actually attempt to score a touchdown. So Col. Straken's Nurgle Rotters took on my Orc Motley Krew.

Unfortunately for Col. Straken, the dice Gods failed him completely. One of his first attacks was a Blitz on a lineman of mine, to which he rolled Attacker Down (on 2 dice, I think), I then proceeded to beat his armour and Kill the model outright. From then on, I was rolling well on armour rolls and injury rolls and Straken couldn't manage to beat the armour of the Orcs (Got to love AV9 all round!).

The game ended 2-0 to the Orcs, with a touchdown in both halves, one scored by my Thrower (thanks to the Sure Hands rule) picking up the ball and legging it into the End zone. And the other, with a thrown assist from my Thrower, to a Blitzer who then shrugged off the incoming attack of a Pestigor, who bounced off the Blitzer's armour as he ran to the end zone.

There could have been a late game touchdown from the Nurgle team, however, the Rotter who got the ball from a scattered kick off, fell down a few times and constantly failed to pick up and drop the ball repeatedly over several turns.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game again, although I got very lucky with my armour and injury rolls. Plus, any more reason to get more Orcs on the table!


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  1. the troll looks ace, its gives me the kick up the ass to get my khemri team painted now.