Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Badger's Log - "Vintage" Dark Eldar Rescue

Afternoon all,

It's been a bit without a blog over the festive period, people have been busy with family, Xmas goodies and various projects. I had a moderately productive hobbying break, mostly just assembling stuff.

What I did do, whilst I had a free house for the day, was strip a load of second hand Dark Eldar that I'd gotten at the last Warboot, in a trade for some old LOTR stuff.

A few of them were in an (what I originally thought) an OK state... whereas others were pretty terrible. So, I chucked the lot - 40 warriors and 6 Wyches - into jugs of acetone free nail polish remover and by the time I checked the next day, the stripper was jet black and all sorts of nastiness floating in it.

It then took me 2 hours of scrubbing with a toothbrush, but what I ended up with, was a tub full of bits. Whoever had the models before must have used some cheap nasty glue which has dissolved away with the paint.

It wasn't until I came to assemble the models a few days later, between the rubbish glue and the thick black paint remover, that I'd lost a few bits along the way. A few arms and weapons weren't a problem to replace, I simply used some of my newer Dark Eldar spares. However, I'd lost the body of one of them... so I was down to 39 Kabalite Warriors!

Along the way, I originally thought I had 4 squads of 10, each with a Splinter Cannon. Turns out, I had about 6 or 7 Splinter cannons spread through the units... so what I decided to do then was change the squad layouts a bit... So I've ended up with:

3 x 10 Kabalite Warriors - Sybarite with a Splinter Pistol and CCW (or Venom Blade), Blaster, Splinter Cannon
8 or 9 Trueborn - Variety of different armaments... I've got some with Splinter Cannons, some with Blasters, some with Shardcarbines and a Dracon with a Blast Pistol and Power Weapon.

The plan with the Trueborn is to be able to run a few squads of them (to allow me to use all the Splinter Cannons), but for some to have a variety of uses. So maybe a 3 man squad with a Blast Pistol Dracon and 2 Splinter Cannons, a 4 man squad with 2 Cannons and 2 Shardcarbines, a 4 Blaster unit, etc. With the smaller units, I can then chuck them in Venoms.

Or keep them as 1 squad, have them led by Duke Sliscus in a Raider. Which would be nice and fun...

Finally, whilst re-assembling these guys I came across 1 fella that had a broken Splinter Rifle, snapped half way down the barrel. So rather than chuck him away, I thought I would give him an experimental Blaster conversion using some bits from my bitz box.

So there he is with his converted Blaster. I think the "Bulby" look gets the point across that it's a blaster, and it'll look better when painted. Also, the rest of the model looks absolutely terrible... not sure why, think it was just very old and the years have taken it's toll on detail.

I then chucked him into a Warrior squad as their special weapon dude, and retro-fitted these new Blasters all through the units. Unfortunately, I ran out of the Tormentor Grenade Launcher bits that come with the Ravager... so I can't make any more at the moment. But it would have cost me more money for an actual Blaster, than it did for the full squad of 10 guys....

So yeah, there you go. 30 odd Kabalite Warriors, 6 Wyches (probably be Bloodbrides) and 3 Venoms added to my Kabal, and waiting to be sanded and sprayed up for painting.


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