Thursday, 5 January 2012

40K Fan-MadeMovie "The Lord Inquisitor"

Morning all,

I've got something to share this morning, that was brought to my attention through the Librarium Online forums. It's a fan made animation for 40K, that the bloke's been working on for the last 18 months to show off his CGi skills.

Quote below is from the LO post:

You may or may not have heard/followed the prodction of the CGI animation movie 'Lord Inquisitor', which it's creator has been working on almost alone for the past 1.5 years or so. Recently he also released a kickass trailer and for this trailer he was even contacted out of the blue by Adam Harvey, who did the sountrack for ultramarines!

here is that trailer: The Lord Inquisitor Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Anyway, of course he tried to contact GW before, but he got no response. A while back he attempted again and this time GW responded. Not only are they enthousiastic about it, but they want to give this guy some sort of 'license' if you will, for creating non-commercial warhammer animations. They can't 100% guarantee it just yet as they have to figure out if it's possible within IP laws but I'm pretty sure they'll sort that out with their regiment of lawyers.

Anyone else both excited and surprised GW actually responded.. with a positive answer? How cool is that?
here's his blogpost: The Best Start For 2012 | The Lord Inquisitor

So what do you guys think of it? There's a few choppy bits, but from what I saw of Ultramarines, it looks much better. The interesting news is that GW has responded and seems to be interesting in doing something with the project.



  1. I've been in awe over the animation videos that are on youTube... The one of the ship exiting warp space is just inspiring... that they've considered things in such detail is great... that they can execute it convincingly is even better!

    Alos, seeing as we're chatting 40K movies... You can find out more about a "real life" 40K film through THIS blog post.

    It's from the french. they are the only ones crazy enough to do it. Apparently, they also received a go ahead of sorts from GW!

  2. @Oink:
    Not quite right with the french guys. Some years ago a "real life" 40k movie was done by a group of german fans. It was produced over several years, about 90 min. long with special effects, different cast and locations etc. Then GW shut it down. And yes, it was purely non commercial. Rather sad, but nice to hear, that GW changed their minds for at least The Lord Inquisitors project :)

  3. That is really amazing. You planning on doing like a long movie? if so cant wait. Animation is really good, like the grey knight blasting away with the heavy weapon and the baneblades i think on the charge. Keep it up whom ever the creator is just subscribed to their channel on youtube.

  4. On the whole I think this looks amazing, especially if it was home made. The recoil motion is a little jerky, but that is a minor issue that I am picking out. The detail on the clothing and the general movement of the people was very very well done