Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Super heavies and Apocolypse

Hi all,

Angryman here, I've recently purchased a Shadowsword on the cheap for use in any Apocalypse games we play
I wanted to add this to my Baneblade
and Terminus Ultra
so I and the other club members can use these models along side their armies.  This got me thinking, how many people actually play Apocalypse and do you use any of the superheavies on offer?

Suicide Badger scratch built an Ork Stompa out of a Mr Potatoe head and converted an Ork Squiggoth.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them to show you (Badger, help us out!!!) but these are some of the best scratch built models I have ever seen.

If you don't use the superheavy vehicles do you use any of the apocalyptic formations, if so, how have they effected your gaming?

On a few occasions when we have played apocalypse we have taken as much stuff as we could fit on the board (within the points limit) and left out all the superheavies and formations, this meant we could take more stuff but the games carried on longer than we thought.  The battles always looked very impressive as we'd have 10,000+ points on the table.

When we have used superheavies, for example the first game my Baneblade was used, we make it a point of shooting the shit out of them until they blow up extremely satisfactorily (yes Sanguinius I mean you).

So do you play Apocalypse and if so do you use superheavies and/or formations?

I can't wait to paint up my new Scythed Heirodule and have it join the ranks of Hive Fleet Tattybojangles

All comments welcome

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  1. I'm flogging my 2 chaos baneblades shortly & possibly chaos terminus tho may keep this n magnetise it up to use a a normal landraider or if ever a terminus