Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Badger's Log - Bretonnian Damsel

Morning all,

Very brief one off me today, I've been snowed under with work. I've had lots of things I could put up on the blog, just no time whatsoever to get it done!

So first up is my Bretonnian Damsels I painted up last weekend (or the weekend before... I've lost track of the days with work). There's 1 mounted and 1 on foot. Ideally, I could do with a 2nd mounted Damsel to keep up with the rest of the cavalry and also to add some oomph if I were to play Storm of Magic.

I painted them in a light blue scheme, with white trim and detailing, similar to my Bretonnian Lords. Once I'd finished them, I decided they needed a Black Wash just to tie the colours in and give a bit of shading. I'm kind of regretting that now, as it means I'll need to eventually black wash the rest of the army.

The one on foot, I'm pretty happy with. The horse I'm also quite impressed how the black wash turned out on a grey horse, however I put way too much wash on the mounted Damsel. But oh well... they only ever get out onto the table every so often, so they'll do.


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