Saturday, 16 July 2011


I just wanted to leave a quick question before going on holiday (in 10 minutes!!!).

How do you get motivated to build/paint/play?

I find it very hard to get motivated to paint, but I have found that my motivation lies in books. When I read a good book I get inspired to recreate the army or characters that took part. Recently I bought a mounted Empire army after reading the Legend of Sigmar trilogy. I have a model to represent Sigmar who will either be Emperor Karl Franz with Ghal-Maraz, or in smaller games a Templar Grand Master with the Hammer of Judgement. I also have a Standard Bearer which will be Pendrag who was Sigmars closest friend and was identifiable with having a silver Dwarf made hand. Lastly I have my Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Ulric in this army) who is Sigmars Sword-Brother Wolfgart, this guy carried a giant sword (counts as Great Hammer).

I have many other armies inspired by a good book, but that is what I am working on at the moment.

So, to repeat my original question, what gets you motivated in this hobby?

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