Friday, 8 July 2011

Badger's Log - Baron Sathonyx (and friend!)

Morning all,

I didn't get chance to put a blog up yesterday, so I'll try and make sure to do one this morning whilst my computer goes through it's update process.

Last blog I did I showed off some more Incubi, at the same time I was painting those, I was trying to get my Dark Eldar collection completely painted (all I have left now are the Raider passengers). The only other things left were my Baron Sathonyx conversion and a lone Hellion, leftover from Beastmaster conversions.

First up, the basic Hellion. I painted them in the same way as Wyches and the beastmasters I'd done before. I really do like all the dynamic poses that you get from the Hellion models as well as the ball joint flying stands allowing you to pose them swooping, soaring or banking.

I'd like to add more Hellions to the army, especially with the Baron allowing them to become Troops, the problem comes in what to remove from the army to fit them in. Either the Haemonculi or the Duke. I'd like to eventually have a big unit of 15, I'd love to see them on the table flying around all over the show.

Lastly, we've got the Baron himself. He was cobbled together from random Hellion bits, some skull trophies along with a Wych knife and a cloak as best I could find. I've also tried to make his arms posed so that the skyboard can be angled down and get a bit closer to the pose from the Codex. It works for now, he's clear to who he is and I look forward to using him in the near future alongside a Hellion squad.

I only originally made him because I bought Hellions to turn into Beastmasters and had 2 spare for conversions.

That's it for now, I'll see if I remember over the weekend to put up pics of my Bretonnian Damsels and see what else I can get done hobbywise over the weekend.


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