Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Demo Game - Battle For Hades Hive

Afternoon all,

Just a quick one as usual, to show off the mission / scenario pack for the demo game we're running at Phalanx on Saturday.

The theme is the Second Battle for Armageddon, including a pre-Klaw version of Yarrick, pre-Lord of Death Mephiston and pre-face mask Tycho.

It wasn't until we'd decided on the Battle for Hades Hive that we realised all these events happen at this point, that half the Blood Angels characters come to power at this time, along with other nice facts that you only find out if you're a walking fluff bible or start to research events in depth.

So we're playing 10,000pts of Orks (with a Stompa and 2 Flyers) vs 9,000pts of Imperial Guard and Blood Angels.

You can find the mission pack here: Battle for Hades Hive v3

Any feedback, let me know. There's a few tweaks in there and some new Ork special characters I've come up with. As well as that, there's some Blood Angels characters that are a bit.. strange.

Basically, if Captain Mortiar dies (and later becomes a Dreadnaught in the 3rd Battle) then Sergeant Tycho becomes promoted to his full Codex stats. Also, during the battle Mephiston ends up crushed by a building and becomes Mephiston, Lord of Death. So if he's killed, he comes back on in reserve as the Lord of Death.

I'm going to try and set up "Blogging as we go" from my mobile, but I'm not sure on it working. Otherwise, you can check out pictures and a (probably rushed) write up on Sunday / Monday.


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