Monday, 13 June 2011

Britcon 2011 update

Hi all,

Angryman here.  as mentioned in an earlier post I had emailed the umpire / organiser of the Britcon 2011 WH40K event as there were some discrepancies in the published rules pack.  The email I sent him is as follows

Hi Geoff,

Hope all is well, i had a read of the rules but there was some conflicting info that i hope you can correct.


Missions And Deployment:

The missions played will be from the following list:


•Seize Ground (5 Objectives).

•Capture and Control

•Cleanse (see below)

•Seize The Centre (3 Objectives)(see below)

Missions 1, 2 and 3 and deployment rules are to be played as detailed in the 5th edition 40k rulebook. Missions 4&5 rules are detailed below.

A list of the missions and deployment scenarios for each round will be provided at registration on the Saturday and announced prior to each game.

it then goes on to say that



•Players will compete in a total of six games. Please refer to the tournament schedule of events.


1. Scores of 32pts per game mean a maximum of 192 pts are available.

there are only 6 missions listed and it says that registration is on a saturday. the past competions have always been 6 games with registration on Friday. To finish with a maximum of 192 points there has to be 6 games winning 32 - 0, if there are only 5 games then the maximum score acheivable will be 160.

also it says

2. All games will last a random (7-8) number of turns. Note the game time includes discussing each other’s army lists and any special rules, discussing the effects of terrain and troop deployment

is this a mistake or will the games be 7 or 8 turns, if so will it be an automatic turn 6 then roll a dice at the end of that turn and at turn 7?

I hope you can clear these up for me,


Here is the response, it made me laugh when i read it
Hi Stephen,

Well spotted, someone has dicked up my pack during publishing I think.

Deffo SIX games, Friday start.

Also MINIMUM six turns, as we have 3.5hrs to fill, just something a bit different and allows games not to be rushed most of the time.



All comments welcome.

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