Thursday, 16 June 2011

Demo Mini-Game - Deathwatch Kill Team

As you may have heard we are performing a demo game at Phalanx 2011 in St. Helens, there Suicide Badger and Sanguinius will be fighting it out in an epic Apocalypse game which made me think, what if someone wants to try the game out. Sure they can have a turn or roll a few dice as they pass by, but what if someone really wants to try it out and get involved, thats where my idea came from to provide a mini-game (hopefully I don't stand around with no-one joining in).

So the basic idea (as I don't have a fancy PDF ready yet) is the passerby controls six Deathwatch Marines (Sternguard) and has to kill the Ork Kommando Snikrot who is protected by a 20 sentries, this means that it is small and should be completed in half and hour to an hour. I have prepared Stat Cards for all the models involved to make the game flow smoothly and so I don't have to cart around a load of Codex's and the main rule book. If they kill Snikrot they get to choose one random Apocalypse Stratagem, if they kill him in combat they get two, if they fail then the Ork's get one.

The main reason for this post though, is to showcase the six Deathwatch Marines which I have been painting up, took me a while to be bothered painting them. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality, my room and phone just dont cut it. First up is Sergeant Ghost, leader of Kill Team Kappa, armed with twin Lightning Claws keeping his iconic weapons from the Raven Guard.

The bit I am most proud of is the writing I put on his little scripts, the reason I am proud is because my writing skills are sub-par, but this particular one looked really good (for me). His other piece of parchment says Purge The Unclean, but I couldn't fit all of unclean on and it gets a bit squashed.

Next up is Drake, he is a Salamander and he is still carrying a Heavy Flamer, which is actually a Grey Knight Incinerator, I used this as it has a little Inquisitorial icon on it, and its the only marine sized heavy flamer I could get my hands on.

This guy is nothing special, he is a standard Sternguard, nicknamed Borg because he is an Iron Hand (not that I had anything to convert him with, so he just looks normal).

Here is a veteran of veterans, I remember reading somewhere that the Ultramarines provide the largest number of candidates for the Deathwatch, this is because of their hatred and knowledge of the Tyranids, so here we have a Smurf reloding, no-one ever reloads...

Here is the Sternguard nicknamed Cypher, because he is a Dark Angel. This guy was my tester model, and originally all my models had capes, but once I painted this guy up I realised there were too many colours and the cape just drew away from the black making them look more like clowns than marines. I gave him a book just so that it looks like he is training to be a Chaplain, and to practice painting paper, it is currently blank, I will try to get something written in it, or just put some squiggly lines.

Lastly we have what was going to be a Exorsist, this was because of the Deathwatch short story I read in the Fear the Alien book, but then I realised the rest of the squad was too miss matched, so I left the link with Ghost. Now, this guy is nicknamed Artisan because of his Bolter, and he will be a Blood Angel, who are well known artists and sculptors.

Well there you have it, my six men that took me nearly three days to paint, and still need the chapter symbols putting on the shoulder pads, and writing in a book. I am also planning to continue with my Grey Knight overview next week (seeing as it has been a month since my last post)

Have Fun


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  1. Looking good. Can't wait to see them on the table this weekend facing off against some xeno scum!