Friday, 17 June 2011

Dark Eldar Thoughts Post-Game

Ello all,

I thought on Monday night, for a change, I'd give my Dark Eldar a run out. I'd been thumbing through the codex, looking for conversion opportunities and what also what options I would like to start buying up next.

Anywho, I thought I'd chop and change my list a bit for a 1,500pt game. I didn't have my new Incubi painted up, so they were gone, and also I had swapped my old Incubi, to become a Kabalite Warrior unit for Duke Sliscus.

So my list going into the game was something like this:
Duke Sliscus
Haemonculus - Shattershard, Venom Blade
Haemonculus - Venom Blade
3 Wracks - Venom, 2 x Splinter Cannon
10 Kabalite Warriors - Raider w/ Dark Lance, Blaster Splinter Cannon, Sybarite w/ Ago
9 Kabalte Warriors - Raider w/ Dark Lance, Blaster
5 Wyches - Venom, 2 x Splinter Cannon, Razorflails, Hekatrix
5 Wyches - Venom, 2 x Splinter Cannon, Razorflails, Hekatrix
3 Beastmasters - 3 Fiends, 10 Khymarae, Agoniser
Ravager - 3 x DL

Couple of upgrades on the vehicles, think each had flickerfield and night shields.

Now, I was playing against Semi-Mech Guard, led by Commissar Yarrick with lots of high strength firepower.

Me being an idiot, I forgot that the Duke let's all your Raiders, Venoms and Ravagers come in via Deep Strike (and not the same as Retro Fire Jets). Which meant against a gunline type army with lots that could blow up my vehicles, I should really have been deep striking and doing what I could close up.

Anyway... things I've learnt...

1. Don't rely on a cover save or Flickerfield.
I got pasted because I set up trying to claim cover and just couldn't keep out such high volume of shots. I think I've also yet to save anything with my Flickerfield saves, maybe just my Dark Eldar are cursed?

2. Don't rely on getting the first turn
Bit obvious this one, but I was hoping to get the jump on the guard, stun or shake his vehicles and then go in the for the kill. It wasn't the case, and so I set up on the board hugging cover.

3. Dark Eldar vehicles are easy Kill Points
As the headline says really. I went for 3 small units in venoms, along with 2 raiders. Armour 10 and Open Topped is a harsh mistress. I think I was 5 nil down by the end of turn 1.

4. I need more practice
Dark Eldar aren't my forte. I'm very much a "smash and grab" mentality when it comes to 40k. I like my army to be able to weather some fire, then be able to batter the enemy when I get in the optimum area. I've been able to do this with Orks when they get into assault, or with Necrons previously with my shooting.

5. Remember the special rules!
I forgot I could deploy via Deep Strike thanks to the Duke, I forgot to roll for my combat drugs, etc. etc. I still see myself as having new codex syndrome. I've read the book cover to cover umpteen times, but as soon as I get on the table, I panic and forget.

That's all for now, I'm going to be starting prep on the Phalanx Demo game tonight. Get everything packed up, labelled and most importantly - make lots of sandwiches to get us through the day.

I'll attempt to Tweet as I go through the day, which you can follow on Twitter @MAWS40K


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