Monday, 6 June 2011

Badger's Log - Immolators / Rhinos

Ello all,

Had a flurry of painting activity last night while I was a bit bored, managed to get my 2 Immolators painted up, that have been sat on the desk for nearly a month.

Lotsa loose weapons to keep track of...

So yeah, it's took me ages to get around to painting them, but by sticking to my really limited colour palette (Grey, Black, Metal and Red) I managed to get them done in a few hours.

I originally held off on buying Immolators for my Brotherhood army, because I thought the turrets were metal, then I bought 2 and realised I couldn't assemble them without the Sister sat in the turret. So my excuse is, they're Brotherhood vehicle crews, since the warriors can't reach the pedals of the vehicles...

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully remember to post up some pictures of my Commissar Yarrick conversion - but in another note - what do you guys think is the best weapon to use on my Immolator turrets?

Heavy flamers allow me to move 12" and still fire, but I've got extremely limited range with them.

Heavy Bolters allow me to take on infantry, which combined with Blessed Ammunition, means pesky cover save claimers can get mown down (I'm thinking of you Eldar Pathfinders!!).

Multi-Meltas allow me some mobile tank-busting, with a bit more reliability and range.

Your thoughts guys?


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