Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Badger's Log - Commissar Yarrick Conversion


Quick one again while I remember and have a few mins. Over the last month or two, we've been planning a club demo game for Phalanx 2011, themed around the 2nd Battle for Armageddon, specifically the Battle for Hades Hive.

In doing this, I've had to read up a lot on exactly who was there and also, check out a lot of facts about Commissar Yarrick, like when and how he got all the wargear he has in Codex: Imperial Guard.

To be on the safe side, I needed to make a version of Yarrick as he is in the Guard codex (Battle Klaw, Bale Eye and Forcefield). So after scrambling around on eBay, I pieced together this guy:

His Klaw looks a little big on the pictures, but it's an Ork Warboss's Klaw afterall, so it shouldn't look like it fits Yarrick. I used a Baneblade Tank Commander as the basis, as he came with a robo-eye which gives me his Bale Eye as well.

So yeah, he should be appearing on the battlefield with my Imperial Guard army sometime soon, along with preparations for the Third Battle for Armageddon.


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