Thursday, 14 April 2011

Badger's Log - Skaven Plague Monks / Dark Eldar Wracks

Morning all,

This is a semi-confusing post to write up, so bear with me... Over last week I painted a LOT of Skaven stuff I'd had lying around for a few months. The idea being that anything in my Dark Eldar army that is Haemonculi related (Haemonculi, Grotesques, Wracks) would be made from Skaven plastics.

These would be:
- Warlocks, Packmasters and the IoB Warlord as various Haemonculi
- Plague Monks as Wracks
- Rat Ogres as Grotesques

Right, that's the back story over with, here's 20 Plague Monks I painted last week...

Generic Wrack (Left) and an Acothyst with Venom Blade (Right)
There's the first two models. A generic Wrack (two poisoned close combat weapons) along with an Acothyst, his flail classing as his Venom blade. I like to keep the squad upgrades incredibly cheap and I've  become a huge fan of the Venom blade for 5pts. Last week's game I could fit so many tidbits here and there in my list, because I dropped Power Weapons or Agonisers on squads that didn't really need them, or lowered some upgrades on other things.

The horde of Ratmen descends upon the dining room table!

As for painting them, I originally went with a Mechrite Red colour scheme, but thought they clashed far too much with the rest of the Dark Eldar army I had. They blend really well on the battlefield with the rest of the army now they're Ice Blue robes, I think if I'd left them Mechrite Red it would have looked more proxyish than it already does.

Now... the idea for these guys is they'll ALSO be used in two other armies. I've got the square bases knocking around to use them with my Island of Blood stuff for Fantasy, but also I'm hoping to use them to make a start on an Epidemius all Nurgle Daemon army, with some various other Skaven units involved.

I'll be posting up more stuff that I've painted up, over the course of the week. Any thoughts guys?


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