Friday, 15 April 2011

Badger's Log - Skaven Rat Ogres / Dark Eldar Grotesques


After actually managing to get some photos taken yesterday, I'll start moving through what I've painted up over the last few weeks, whilst I have more stuff on the paint table waiting to be finished (some Brotherhood of the Forge stuff - for those interested).

So without further ado, here's 6 Rat Ogres.

These guys form a Webway escape party, accompanied by a Haemonculus. I use these guys as bare bones vanilla squad. I didn't see much point in taking a squad leader upgrade (Aboration? Can never remember) since the temptation is there to start whacking on upgrades and such, plus, I'd need to attach a Haemonculus anyways.

I might get hold of a proper Rat Ogre box (rather than the Island of Blood) and use the two in that as a Liquifier Grotesque and the Squad Leader with some upgrades (Venom Blade? Flesh Gauntlet?).

In total, I've got 8 Rat Ogres now (6 here, 2 on square bases from Island of Blood) so I'm wondering if they're actually any good in Fantasy? And whether a big unit of 8, or 2 units of 4 are worth using? I'm yet to actually look at the Skaven Army Book as I'm still not playing much Fantasy.

What do you guys reckon - both to whether they're good in Fantasy, and what upgrades I should give the Grotesque Aboration?



  1. Hi!

    Like the models a lot!

    Ratogres are not bad at all in fantasy, but they require the BSB to stay within range. Either a unit of 6 or 8 models would perform just fine.

  2. Definitely give your abberation a venom blade and here is why.

    it gives him +1 attack as now he has 2 close combat weapons.
    he wounds on 2+ and will get to reroll to wound against anything with T equal to his strength, which is 5 or 6 or maybe even 7 occasionally with Urien.

    Its only 5 points, 15 points more than a regular grot and he has 5 attacks, 6 on the charge that will wound anything on a 2+ most likely rerolling to wound.