Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rules Generalisation

As you may have been aware there was a poll about the Generalisation of Rules. I put this up as reading through the Grey Knights new codex and comparing it to the old one I noticed they are now standard marines with flashy weapons.

Now to expand after seeing it was almost a 50/50 split between against and for, so lets look at each sides argument quickly (please add anything I miss in the comments).

Firstly lets look at the argument FOR rules generalisation. This obviously makes the game easier, if 50% of the armies run the stat line of a Space Marine (straight 4's) then it means people know what they are facing and what can kill them.

Rather than having various rules which allow an army to get back up (Feel no Pain, We Will be Back) and rolling them all into the standard Feel No Pain means everyone will know how it works as almost everyone can get the same rule through one upgrade.

Secondly the AGAINST argument. The statement of 50% of armies running a Marine stat line although makes it easier for people to know what they are facing also reduces the diversity and individuality of the game.

How many people want to line their men up against the same stat line with a few tweaks rather than an army that has to play completely differently because it is weaker with more men, or tougher but has less men?

Every new codex seems to bring the same toys with different names and upgrades to the table, almost everyone has a Monsterous Creature with a very similar stat line. Most armies can take a few units of 2+ saves, and power weapons.

Lastly which really ground me was the fact that Blood Angels got Blood Fists and Blood Strike Missiles, and Grey Knights got Doom Fists and Mind Strike Missiles, these were less rules than names, but surely they could be a bit more creative with their ideas in general.

P.S. This was a poorly written post just to get you thinking about the ideas of Generalisation (of Rules and Names) so... Enjoy.

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