Tuesday, 9 February 2010

[Upcoming] Battle Missions and new Releases!

So I get into work this morning, check my emails and what do I find... Battle Missions up for pre-order, released the 6th of March.

But also, 2 of the best plastic kits GW has ever released... Ork Deff Dred and 3 Killa Kans.

I've been a long time user of scratch built Killa Kans, costing me a total of about £2 each to make... however I'm thinking these new Kans are far too good to pass up, and am intending on buying a box of them to break into my standard force.

Pics below:

Also due for release:
- Plastic Venerable Dreadnaught
- Updated Imperial Guard Chimera
- Updated Basilisk (which builds ONLY the Basilisk)
- Ork Flash Git (a Collectors range style model).

If you wanna check out any of the upcoming releases, then head here: http://tinyurl.com/bdu2kw

So what are you guys expecting of Battle Missions and what do you think of the upcoming model releases?


  1. Liking the Kans and Dread ALOT, look very orky and definatly some brilliant models, just goes to show what GW can do when they want to. A new Basilisk which only builds a Basilisk seems a bit pointless, the old one was fine in my eyes. I am looking forward to the Battle Missions for some variety in the game. I have heard that the plastic Ven is just a normal Dread with different front and some exra Purity Seals, I think the metal model was bueatiful, but after seeing those Ork dreads, maybe they can pull it off with some effort.

  2. I liked the old model too but variety is the spice of life Colonel. Still a new fetish Dread!!! Dave the Dreadnought.