Sunday, 14 November 2010

Name the spaceship

Hi all Angryman here,

We've been playing Battlefleet Gothic at the club recently and I got into my head that I would build a space hulk.  When you think a a space hulk you get the following image in your mind

Usually these types of hulks are associated with Orks but I wanted my hulk to have more of an Imperial / Chaos feel to it, like it was a remnant to a far forgotten battle between those two forces.  I built my hulk using my limited Battlefleet Gothic spares and lots of green stuff.

For a first attempt I thought it wasn't too bad, it captured my original thoughts behind the origins of the hulk, now all it needs is a name.  I read the source material for BFG and the expansions, I even thought about calling it the Nostromo (in homage to the doomed ship from Aliens) but that just didn't feel right.

I've decided to leave it fate (by fate I mean my fellow clubs members and bloggers), and let you decide.  Please come up with as many appropriate names as possible, I'll then compile them into poll and the most popular suggestion will name my hulk (and then I'll get round to painting it)


  1. The Golgotha

    Pax Imperialis

    Jupiteros Unos


    A few ideas there, and yes one of those was a little bit tongue in cheek but hey, if it tickles you go for it :oP

  2. Vassal of Illumination.


    Journey's End

    Red Dwarf???

  3. Event Horizon

    Imperialis Ishimura

    And for a random one... Phasmatis Traba

  4. I'm now going to compile the names into a poll and see which name is the most popular