Friday, 12 November 2010

[40K] Your "Signature" Units?

Hi all,

It's been a bit since there was a blog, and in that time the Dark Eldar have appeared. Whilst flicking through the codex and looking at units, I noticed I was leaning heavily towards the Haemonculi, Wracks and Grotesques to create some sort of psycopathic "experiment gone wrong" army.

I then started looking back at some of the other armies I owned and there always seemed to be a single unit which was my "signature" unit, amongst the players at the club.

In my Ork army, the unit that typifies my list is the Burna Wagon - Big Mek with KFF and Power Klaw, 15 Burnas, Battlewagon.

This thing seriously hurts people and people dread it getting within burny range of their units. All time maximum number of flamer  hits was about 110 on a big unit of Gaunts. If these guys drive by you and get lots of hits, that unit is pretty much dead.

Although I've not used them for a while, my signature unit for the Necrons was a Destroyer Lord with a Warscythe, tag teamed with 3 Necron Wraiths. In 4th ed, these guys were awesome for the simple fact they could jump from one combat to the other, with a 3+ Invulnerable and high S, they could take on a fairly hefty elite unit.

Since the 5th ed update, I've not used them much, so the aim is to get back into the hang of using the Crons again and get these guys back on the table.

Chaos Daemons:
For my Chaos Daemons it was the fact that I would run large units of Bloodcrushers with a Herald attached the unit, 2 units of 3 Crushers with a Herald in each.

Imperial Guard:
In my Guard army my signature unit used to be a Veteran squad with a vast array of special and heavy weapons, but as the codex got changed, those guys became less so.

The one staple unit I've always used in the army, regardless of critiscism, has been a squad of Ogryn, with a Bone'Ead, accompanied by a Lord Commisar as some LD and power weapon support.

They might not be much good in people's opinions, but when 6 Ogres jump out at you, they can do some pretty hefty damage to those who aren't expecting it.

I'm liking too much of the Dark Eldar codex at the moment to decide on what exactly my Signature unit will become. Since starting writing this article it's chopped and changed around a lot but hopefully when I start painting and assembling, one will stick out.

So what do you guys think? Are there units in your army that the internet looks down upon, or don't look that great on paper, then you get them in a game and really get the hang of them.



  1. For me, it's the Sanguinary Guard. They look amazing and hit hard as a truck.

  2. Wouldn't say that I have any to be fair. Like mixing things around alot and have a whole array of armies and all options each codex has to offer. Never stick with one list :)

  3. For me probably my Plasma Death Command Squad. 4 PGs or 3 with a medic plus plasma pistol is just so much goodness. My LR Executioner is also quickly becoming a signature as 3-5 small AP2 blasts makes me a happy man.

  4. For me? Abaddon. In every list. I don't care how many points it is, I'll just throw Abaddon in there for kicks and giggles. I did a 500 point game with abaddon in it, and two min squads of chaos marines. Why? Because I like Abaddon.

  5. Well as anyone at MAWS will know, my signature unit, has to be Karandras and a unit of Scorpions, these guys, although slow (for Eldar) can take alot of hits (thanks to a 3+ save) and throw out as mny hits as a Squad of Zerkers, and at str 4 is a big bonus in the Eldar.

    In my other armies, when playing Guard it was a unit of Storm Troopers, mainly because I loved the models, these have now been promoted (and got their super guns confiscated?!?) and now play as my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.

    In my Daemonhunters it is a squad of 4 Termies with Incinerator and a Grey Knight Lord to boost them out, back in 4th ed these guys qould take every shot thrown at them and still come out fighting, unfortunatly my luck has changed since then and they just die.

    as for Chaos/Space marines, I like Dreads (yes even chaos dreads), and Vindis (only just got round to getting one). Plus the specialists like Thousand sons (AP 3 bolters are awesome) and Sternguard (for the same reason!!!)

  6. I love my Tyranid army and for me it is either my Hive tyrant and 3 Tyrant Guard or (and its becoming more the case now) my Tyranid Prime with twin bonesword and 4 tyranid warriors with bonesword and lashwhip, all with adrenal gland and toxin sacs. For my CSM it has to be a full unit of zerkers with Kharne in a Landraider.

  7. Well my signature unit for my marines has always been chaplain Bob and his bouncing assault quite often he dies quite poorly but thats the fun with bob. My staples have always been the plain metal coffin that is the rhino and humble tactical squad.

    Dark Eldar wise its warriors warriors warriors sniper squads, assault squads raider gun boat squads I think pound for pound even in new codex they are the best bog standard troop in the game.