Monday, 21 February 2011


So with the release of the Grey Knights approaching alot of people are screaming Codex Creep and threatening to quit the hobby because of another "Broken" Codex. My question is, is it really the end of the world?

Well I am going to break it down and prove that it really isn't (and if anyone still believes it is, please stop moaning and just quit the hobby).

Firstly, there is alot of complaints that two wound models with a 2+ 5++ save and FNP are overpowered and going to kill us all, but don't they already exist in the form of Mega Nobz with Mad Dok? sure that will put you back a good few hundred points, but I am sure that the Grey Knight Version will too.

Next is the complaint of Henchmen being overpowered for the cost. From what I can gather they are going to be cheap, but they aren't troops without a Special Character (which means one less HQ) and they are T3, plus they come basic with a 5+ save, and WS3, they aren't even Vet Guardmen standards!!!

The Dreadknight is a big scare, but is it not just the Grey Knights answer to Mephiston and the Trygon?

There are several other complaints but I can't remember from the top of my head, if you have any questions I will justify them as best as I can.

Now, lets look at Codex Creep in general

Alot of people scream Codex Creep every time a new Codex is announced (even before the rumour mill starts) and sure, some Codex's have been upped a notch, but then every other follows suit. At the end of 4th Ed alot of the Codex's had specific gimmics and their own tricks, Dark Angels had Termie troops, Dark Eldar were fast and fragile, Imperial Guard were slow and shooty and Eldar were Psyker Masters.

With 5th Ed Dark Angels were ousted with Space Wolves getting Termie Troops and now the Grey Knights get them too, Dark Eldar became a bit more survivable (not much) and Guard became Faster, Eldar were pushed off top of the Psykers by Marines. But we are looking at all the 5th Ed Codex's and comparing them to 3rd and 4th Ed Codex's. Which means, we will see all the Codex's get some new gimmic plus strengthen their weakness's, GW seem to be working on everyone having something similar to everyone else, plus a bit more, I am sure this is to partly increase sales and partly to settle the cry of "Codex Creep" but still the Internet Mobs persist until it is their armies turn for the new and shiny.

My general Point therefore is that if you feel cheated, wait your turn, it will happen and then everyone else will moan at you just like you moaned at them.

Any questions or comments please feel free to leave them and enjoy a discussion


  1. its the end of the world as we know it, its the end of the world as we know it, and the dread knights not soooo big !!!!!!! life is unfair !!!!

  2. Oh Noo!! Its over for me I think I should quit the hobby and play Ludo.. ANyone for a game??

  3. Ludo, now thats a game of strategy!

  4. Ludo is broken. The red counter always wins and the yellow counter never even gets close to winning.

    That's what the internet says anyways...

  5. I was thinking that too, I did consider that the red ones are way too OP'd and often Alpha Strike, but they are a bit of a Glass Hammer and have no staying power. Once they other counters get an updated codex though, then they wont need to roll to get out of the start Zone, and they will get a 2+/2++ save on any counter that lands on them.

  6. Ludo - the game of kings..........and 40k player haters