Monday, 7 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Wyches

Morning all,

I've made another push on with the Dark Eldar progress, whilst I had my first day off in a few months. The next undercoated things on the paint desk were my Wyches unit.

There's 10 of them and when assembling the unit I was unsure what upgrades to give them, so I gave 1 a pair of Hydra gauntlets and another a pair of Razorflails. Max Hydra gauntlets seems to be the vogue around the internet, but I like the ability for re-rolls on Wounds with them against higher toughness things.

I can't remember what the squad leaders are called, I think it's a a Hekatrix. But either way, here's the Hekatrix of the squad. I gave her an Agoniser as I think it's good to take for the extra points, and also a blast pistol for a bit of anti-character, terminator or vehicle sniping. Some people might think it's a waste of points for such a unit to be doing that kind of job, but meh... I like each unit to have a little bit of anti-tank.

But yeah, as well as these guys getting painted up, I also had a bit of an Undercoat-athon on other stuff in my boxes. Here's what's still to be painted from the army now:
  • 2 Raiders
  • 1 Ravager
  • 3 Venoms
  • 10 Incubi
  • 10 Scourges
  • 20 Mandrakes
  • 20 Wracks
  • 6 Haemonculi
  • Urian Rakarth
  • 6 Grotesques
  • 3 Beastmasters
  • Baron Sathonyx
  • 1 Hellion
So hopefully these are gonna be made a start on this week. That's me done for now!


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