Wednesday, 9 March 2011

[Orks] Waaaagh! Nobrot!: Grots

Afternoon everyone,

As usual, this article starts with a "It's been a while since..." and this time, it's related to Waaagh! Nobrot! A series where I was looking through the Ork codex, giving a bit of info on units and how I personally like to use them.

Having worked my way through most of the book, I'm not trying to tie up the loose ends - this time with Grots.

For me, Grots are one of the first units down on the team sheet. They're an amazingly cheap scoring unit. However, you get what you pay for with them.

Firstly, the purpose of the Grots is simple. They're on the board to hold the nearby objectives that your more expensive and trustworthy Ork boyz don't want to sit on at the back.

Normally, what I will do is deploy these guys first on top of a "home" objective. They'll just sit there, in cover, for the majority of the game. The only time anything will ever happen with them is if someone gets near the building or shooting forces them to run away.

In most games however, I've started keeping them in reserve to minimise the chances of them running away. Usually when they show up around Turn 3 or 4, they can move 6" on, then run until they get onto the objective.

Personally, I wouldn't attempt to use Grots for anything other than objective holding, or possibly as a big tarpit unit to stop something with a low number of attacks. You never know... the Grots could win!

As for equipment, the only choice you get really is on your Runtherd, whether you want the enemy to have -1 Attack or a Poisoned Weapon.

I much prefer having the poisoned weapon, just for the chance to scratch any bigger beasties that come in and try to squash yo, like Carnifexes or Wraithlords where you wouldn't have any chance to hurt them back.

As for number, I like to take the bigger squads. It's easy enough to kill a handful of Grots, but to wipe out a full unit off an objective it takes more than a few pot shots.

I certainly wouldn't go for a unit size anywhere under 15, as I think it loses out on the swarm nature of the Grots.

Now personally, I'm cheeky and tight-fisted with my points. I take a unit of 29 or 19 Grots, so that I don't have to pay the points for the extra Runtherd.

What do you guys think about Grots then? I reckon they're one of the core units in an Ork army, allowing your Boyz to go forward and bash some heads, rather than worrying about sitting back and playing house.

Also, with the 40k FAQ from last year saying units can now hold / contest multiple objectives it means that a big unit of Grots coming on late in the game can have a chance of holding several objectives at once if they're cleverly placed. Or, be used to expand out from their home base to cover / contest another objective later on.

So there you go, first Waaagh! Nobrot! article for a long while, and I'm hoping to start finishing off the other articles as I go. Perhaps converting some of the missing units I don't own, like Ard Boyz, Big Gunz and Flash Gitz, then look at buying some Deffkoptas.

Maybe I should make a poll of what to buy next...


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