Wednesday, 9 March 2011

[40k] Grey Knights are up for Advance Order!

Figured I'd post this for people to chat about... Here goes!


Grey Knights

Grey Knight Terminators
They all look awesome, and good news for me, they're all plastic (except Draigo). The only issue I have is the price on certain things. The 5 Grey Knight boxset is £20.50, which is a fair bit of cash. Obviously, it needs looking at in terms of the points cost for them also - so we'll see.

I do absolutely love the Dreadknight. It's like a Grey Knight gave birth to Optimus Prime's baby...

What do you guys reckon? All the stuff is up on GW's advance order page now, and all the shared stuff (Storm Ravens and Land Raiders) are showing up in GK colours. Grey Knights are rolling in soon!


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  1. To be honest with you. Im glad i have the old metal models! I hate these wrist mounted weapon GW are doing the all look clunky and unproportioned. The dreadknight i like. Is it plastic as i think one or two of them with a couple of rhinos and LRs will be all i buy.