Thursday, 10 March 2011

Badger's Log - The Postman Delivers!

Morning all,

On Monday I got a fresh delivery of stuff for 40k... but ironically it was all Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. Maelstrom Games were running one of their excellent voucher codes, so I thought I'd put in a decent order to try and bulk up my floundering Brotherhood of the Forge project, and also replace some changed Dark Eldar things.

So, what did the postman bring this time?

Dwarf Thunders
First up, is a box of Dwarf Thunderers in order to convert myself another 10 Brotherhood of the Forge warriors. Then the others in the box can be used to bulk up my Celestian / Longbeard unit and I'm not sure yet about the 1 remaining guy. Possibly use him as a test bed for converting Seraphim equivalents...

Dwarf Miners
Then I fancied getting some of the more eccentric Witch Hunters units on the table, one of my favourites being Sisters Repentia. Yeah, they're expensive and whatnot, but I like the idea of an entire unit of Eviscerator weilders. So, here would be the Brotherhood equivalent.

The idea behind them is that when called upon, they use these ancient Ancestral weapons when called upon by the Brotherhood. The only ones allowed to weild such weapons are the artificers and craftsmen of the Forge, therefore they're not as combat savvy and choose to fight with less armour than their warrior brothers.
Skaven Plague Monks
Now, for something completely different... Skaven Plague Monks. Originally I had 20 Mantic Ghouls primed up, based and ready to go as Dark Eldar wracks. Then I looked at them and realised I hadn't given them any weapons, just their clawed hands... And also in my force, anything Haemonculi related was made from Skaven. So, 20 of these guys should provide me with Wracks, and the Mantic Ghouls now become my Mandrakes.

Also, the Skaven Plague Monks allow me to double up my army and work towards and all Nurgle Daemon army, which with my Rat Ogres as Nurgle Beasts, Giant Rats as Nurglings and some other plans I've got. Puts me well on my way to getting them on the table at some point soon...

I'm currently trying to paint up 1,000pts of Dark Eldar for Monday to get them on the table in a game, so I'll keep you posted on that when I get chance to do some more painting. Currently I've got 2 Raiders and a Ravager on the desk ready to go.


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