Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Venoms and Beastmasters

Morning all,

Very busy week last week for me, where I managed to get a fair amount of stuff painted in order to try and get the Dark Eldar on the table for a 1,000pt game. Unfortunately, my Sunday afternoon painting plans were cut short, so I didn't manage to get my Incubi finished off in time.

I've also just realised I've not taken pictures of the other half of things I got painted last week... So I'll do an update tomorrow with those.

First up, last Warboot (Carboot sale for Wargames) that I went to, Angryman bought some second hand Eldar stuff and inherited 3 Vypers, which I offered to buy off him in order to have a go at making some Venoms on the cheap. I've had a look around the internet and didn't fancy paying £18 to cut a raider in half, or £15 for a High Elf chariot to strap to the back of it - hence they're not as bulky as the concept art or most people's conversions.

It's mostly just a bog standard Vyper, with a Raider / Ravager prow, lots of bladevanes and chain-snares and spikey bits dotted around. These were really, really nice to paint since the curved hulls took drybrushing really nicely and I got them done in about an hour.

The idea is to bulk them out a bit more and to explain how 5 guys can fit onto it, I've got some of the clinging on Raider crew members to paint up and attach on and maybe I'll have to do some plasticard work on the back to make a standing platform (since it can't fit a 25mm base where the gun originally was). We'll see if I get around to it, but for now, they do the job.

Also, I got around to converting one of my absolute favourite units in the Dark Eldar codex - Beastmasters. I always liked the idea of them, but the original models were so horribly ugly, and with the release of plastic Hellions I knew I could convert them easily enough.

These guys bully around some Chaos Warhounds (Khymarae) and Ogres (Clawed Fiends) as their beasts. I made them using Hellions with a mishmash of Warrior pieces. The 2 guys with spears are the arms from the Raider crew members and as with all my squads, I've given one of them an Agoniser - just so he looks a bit more like the concept artwork.

I'll get another update done tomorrow with my other vehicles and maybe some Incubi if I get chance to paint them tonight...


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  1. Ah, I'm always on the lookout for conversions ideas, using the Raider/Ravager prow on the Venoms is a great one! I might steal that if the Venom model isn't out soon...

    Nice painting too, simple & efficient! It gives them a gritty style that really works well for Dark Eldar.