Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Raiders and Ravager

Morning all,

The blogs keep on rolling. This time, I actually remembered to do something I said I'd do on here. I managed to grab a quick picture of my 2 Raiders and Ravager before heading out to work this morning.

So there you go. Although I've been really enjoying painting my Dark Eldar army, these were by far, the most absolutely frustrating thing to paint. The amount of times my brush got snagged on a spike or hook, got stuck in a crevice or just generally couldn't reach areas.

I'm not particularly happy with the Wash on the main hull, but I'll live. The only major decision really was the colour of the sails. It was either do them as per the codex, an off white, or go with my Red spot colour, as I have done on the other infantry. I'll need to get a few more Raiders in order to transport my Wracks or Incubi, but we'll see.

Next step for me is to make a start on some Incubi tonight and blog about them before the weekend is here!


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