Monday, 21 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Incubi

Morning all,

Yet another busy painting weekend this week, mostly so I can get 1,500pts of Dark Eldar stuff done ready to go on the table tonight. Today's installment comes in the form of my Dark Eldar Incubi.

Now, as most people who know me or follow the blog are aware, I don't use any metal in my armies. So... how've I got Incubi going? Well originally, the plan was to use some Chaos Warriors from Fantasy, made to have 2 Handed Weapons, but they looked way too big and whilst some of the helmets looked good, the majority didn't.

So, I chose Dark Elf Corsairs from Fantasy as the models. The reasoning being that the Incubi are trained swords masters, mine prefer to use a dual-bladed approach, rather than the Ushbati style Klaives of the other Incubi.

The end goal for these guys, is that if GW eventually release an Incubi plastic kit, or some Dark Elf Executioners in plastic, they'll form a bodyguard for Duke Sliscus (with the reptile cloaks).

For now, I'm pretty happy with them and reckon they get the message across that they're Incubi and armed with power weapons and are different enough from the Kabalite Warriors.

The plan for them on the table is 2 units of 4, one goes with an Archon in a Venom, and the other goes with Drazhar (or Klaivex if points lower) in another Venom. Just because I like Drazhar...

Did anyone else get up to any hobbying over the weekend? I also got some Mandrakes and Scourges done, I'll try and post them up over the next few days.



  1. Ah, this is a very interesting idea. Most people, me included, are using those Dark Elf Corsair cloaks to make count-as Trueborns, never thought of them as Incubi!

  2. I didn't think of them as True-born since I don't plan on using them as a unit (I might at some point in time...) but that's a pretty good idea.

    The other one I was thinking of was that if I can find something to replace them as Incubi, I'd use them as Duke Sliscus' Kabalite Warrior unit that he has to join.

    Nice thought on the True borns though!