Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Mandrakes

Morning all,

I'm managing to keep up my blogging duties - although yesterday I forgot to take pictures of stuff before leaving the house (again...).

Over the weekend, I set myself the task of trying to get the remaining sprayed up Dark Eldar units I had (excluding any Haemonculi related...) painted up ready for a 1500pt game on Monday night. So I got 20 Mandrakes painted up (I'll explain why 20 in a bit...) and 10 Scourges.

Today's installment in Badger's mammoth painting spree, comes in the form of the Dark Eldar Mandrakes.

 These guys are Ghouls made by Mantic. I originally got them to use as Zombies for Left 40k Dead and also as Wracks in my Dark Eldar army.

Then I got onto this idea after buying Rat Ogres and Warlocks, that all my Haemonculi themed things would be Skaven related. They'd also then be usable for my Nurgle Daemon Hrud army.

So that's why I've got 20 of them (10 more are still in the box) and normally a unit like this isn't one that I'll choose to use in an army. I don't like the infiltrating non-scoring squads, but either way, now I've made some, I'll be using them here and there.

Next installment will be some Scourges!


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  1. I'm a big fan of Mandrakes, and I'm always trying to justify including them. What are you using them for? What are the 20 Mandrakes trying to do?

    What's the evil plan?