Friday, 25 March 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Eldar Scourges

Morning all,

Another installment in Badger's Log, somewhere hopefully towards finishing off my Dark Eldar for a bit, so that I can focus some more on the Brotherhood of the Forge and adding some units from my increasing wish list to other armies.

So here's the latest goodies from the painting conveyor belt - a unit of 10 Dark Eldar Scourges.

From what I was seeing on the Internet, a lot of people were sticking to the Codex concept art and trying out things like Pegasus Wings and Sanguinary Guard angelic wings.

I didn't like those for 2 reasons, the first one being that they were mega expensive to buy (would have worked out about £20 - £25 for the Wings alone). Secondly, that I didn't like the "Crazy birdman" look that the Scourges have - I imagined my Dark Eldar scourges to be more bat-like.

So yeah, I saw some images on BOLS using Tyranid Gargoyle wings and decided that was the way to go. I think the total unit cost was about £35 to make.

I had to the cut the extra talony claw thing off the bottom of the wings, which also meant that I had to cut the wing off pretty straight and didn't do a very good job at blending it back in.

But the idea is that the wings are fixed in place near the back "mounds" on the Warrior's back armour, fixed just to either side of them.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out anyway and they performed extremely well on the tabletop on Monday night, so I'll definitely be fitting them into a list where possible.

Bring on the weekend and some Haemonculi related goodies!



  1. Great looking scourges. Your conversions have me almost convinced to make some of my own. I really like the brown and black on the wings, it really makes them look sinister. Great Work.

  2. These things are horrible to fight against, very powerful unit with a lot of nasty weapons.