Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dark Eldar Thoughts

Morning all,

I've had 3 games over the past few weeks with my Dark Eldar army, now that the majority of it all is painted up. After having a really good and close game last night, I thought I'd post up some thoughts.

1. Keep moving

It seems obvious, but in the heat of the moment during these games, I forgot about the speed and manouvreability the Dark Eldar have at out-running the opponent.

For example, last night against a walking horde of Necrons, I deployed heavily on one flank, then tried to come across mid-way through the game and take on the Necron centre of the force. Rather than harass the flanks and circle around the slow moving Necrons, like I probably should have.

2. Swamping

At the moment, my lists didn't seem to able to take weight of numbers sent back their way. For example, Scarab Swarms with disruption fields on my vehicles, Flayed One attacks and other things that can bring high numbers at low-ish strength, really made a dent in my force.

3. Hit hard, get out fast.

I've managed to fall into the trap of either attacking the wrong sorts of enemy units with my units, or managing not to finish off the job while I have the extra attacks or boosts on the charge into combat.

4. You can, and will, run away.

Dark Eldar units under my care tend to have a bad habit of running away regularly. Last night I think I had half my army fleeing at one point, just being chased off the board by the silver tide of Necrons.

So that's my mistakes... but on the flip side, what's gone well...

1. Weight of fire.

I've really enjoyed the amount of shots that units can pump out, especially those in a Raider backed up with Splinter Racks. It helps to shift those higher toughness, good armour save troops, that the weight of fire starts to catch up with.

2. Scourges

I really like this unit now. I was a bit unsure of them initially, especially the high points cost, but I've found them to be one of my favourite units now. I take them with a Splinter Cannon, 2 Shredders and a Power Weapon Solarite, but I think I'll be swapping him for a Venom Blade now and save some points.

3. Beastmasters

Again, another unit I really like. Lots of attacks (especially on the charge), lots of cannon fodder Khymarae. Now I just need to find some way of making Razorwing flocks...

That's enough from me for now...


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