Wednesday, 3 November 2010

[Poll] What is your favourite 40k army?

Pretty simple piece just to gauge everyone's opinion again since the last batch of Codexes and updates.

What is your favourite 40k army? (Or armies... If you just can't pick one!)

For me personally, it's the Orks. I love everything about the army - they're quick to paint, lots of conversions options, fun rules and I don't need to take things too seriously.

Secondly, I voted for Necrons. They were my first true 40k army, that had been built and bought once I actually knew the rules and how to use a Codex. Again... also the fact they're super quick to paint!

What about you lot out there?



  1. i voted for tyranids, eldar, space marines, chaos space marines, eldar and orks, i really like those armies

  2. marines & Dark Eldar both extreme opposites but both fun to play.

  3. I voted for Orks since they're my favourite army for painting, playing and most importantly converting.

    I also voted for the Necrons since they were my first "real" 40k army (i.e. after I'd learnt the rules) and still enjoy the fear they put into opponents when they all start to stand back up.