Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Hey everyone.

It's been a bit since there was a post on the blog, then like buses, 3 show up at once.

This monday at the club, we were set to play our usual 40k and BFG games, until I realised it was the day after Halloween. Now... I'd been sat on a few sets of Zombie rules for a while now, including tinkering with my own based on 40k, but we wanted to step away from 40k ruleset and get some wargaming fresh air.

The ruleset we used was "Run or Shoot?" by Jim Wallman whcih you can find here:

We messed around a bit with the rules there to speed the game up some more since we were running low on time, and also added in some rules about getting into vehicles, fuelling them and modified some things.

The ruined city plays host to many a Zombie...


The survivors use a abandoned Tea Van to speed to the evacuation point, mowing down a few zombies on the way.

I hope we can run this again, incorporating the on-the-fly tweaks we made, and also increasing the number of Zombies on table and better use for the Special Infected.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed it and I look forward to running it again sometime!



  1. this was a very good game, one id like to play again, the inclusion of the tetleys tea van and running over the zombies was good

  2. really enjoyed it t'was a good game. the tea van was too tough & not all the survivors wheeled around in it. Zoey the hardcore afro walked it beside 1 turn to reload at the very end :)

  3. zoey tried to get all the tea van occupants killed, zoey was bad

  4. Good to see the ROS rules in use. I'd be interested to hear of any rules tweaks.


    Jim Wallman