Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Scenic tables

Hi all,

Angryman here, its been a while since I last posted a blog, I've been quite busy starting a new job.

I wanted to do a post relating to the recent beer-hammer tourny we recently did at Warhammer World in Nottingham but my blogging and club mate Suicide Badger beat me to it.  Whilst I was at Warhammer World I took some pictures of the various themed gaming tables and of a few of the display cases so I'll share them with you.

A lot of these tables, models and dioramas you will recognise from White Dwarf articles, battle reports and various painting guides.

This table is an ork infested ruin of an imperial city, this is a very detailed board (but a bit problematic to play on as your models kept falling over)

The above 2 pictures are of a ruined city

This table was an imperial city in all its glory, this table looks very impressive (as well as tall)

These 3 pictures are of my favorite table, its a left, right and rear view of a heavily armed imperial outpost guarding the excavation of an eldar webway, the time and effort that went into building this table must have been enormous.

This table is a scratch built Tau outpost

The next few pictures are of single models or dioramas.

Chaos Warhound titan

Horus and the Emperor

An Imperial Warhound titan

A Tyranid Heirophant bio-titan

Last but not least we have a Space Marine

What do you think of the gaming tables and models on show? Do you have any themed tables or scenery bits of your own?

all comments welcome.

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  1. Really good pics mate. Agree on the ruined Imperial / Ork city table. Looks nice and provides lots of cover, but positioning models was a pain!

    Also, really like that Horus diorama in the case. There was another one too that was in WD a few years back - Imperial Rough Rider lancing a Marine on a bike. That was good stuff.

    Cheers for putting the pics up!