Monday, 11 October 2010

Badger's Big Update - Part 1 - Black Wash

Hi everyone,

As you've probably noticed, the blog has been a bit bare for a while now, due mostly to members being pretty busy or in the middle of projects that aren't really ready to be posted.... Or in my case, forgetting to take pictures of models I've painted!

I've had some form of Man Flu for the past week and it decided to go full on attack mode on my painting backlog. I ended Sunday feeling better and also chipping away at the dreaded painting Backlog.

So - the aim is, each day I'll post a unit or project that I had worked on over the weekend, chat about it pretty quick and show off some pictures.

First up, as those of you who've seen my armies on the table or on this blog, I'm a massive supporter of Badab Black wash. Considering the busy working patterns I can go through, as well as y'know, attempting to have a personal life, when I get chance to paint, I want to get a job done. Badab Black saved my life!

On that topic, I found myself painting 2 plastic Necron Immortals that had been sat on my desk for a looooong long while. I think I made them about 18 months ago - using a Destroyer Torso, Head and Gun on a normal Warrior's legs.

You used to be able to get hold of extremely cheap unboxed Necrons Destroyers on eBay and the aim was to make a 2nd squad of Immortals using these guys as the basis.

So here they are:

Whilst painting them though, I had them next to newer things I'd painted using Badab Black wash. Whereas my original Necrons pre-date that, (Boltgun Metal drybrush, reset Black areas and then Snot Green the pipes), so I decided to go over them with a Black Wash as tester models for the Necron army.

Suffice to say, I was happy with the result. It blended in some patchy drybrushing and then dulled them so they were more "fitting" of the 40k Universe.

That then got me thinking of my Guard army, who I set the Paintscheme for about 6 years ago when I first got into 40k. They take an absolute AGE to paint since it all relies on layering the cloth, resetting large Black areas and multiple skin coats.

So I attacked some rarely used Guard models to see what my scheme would look like with the Black Wash:

Original Guardsman Paintscheme

Guardsman Post-Black Wash

Again, I was really impressed by the result of this, so I went over a box of the rarely used Guardsmen (Metal Models) as the first stage of the project.

So - what do you guys think? I'm aiming to buy a ton of Black Wash over the next few weeks and go over the Necrons and Guard to really Grime them down and match my other armies. After all... Nothing is ever factory fresh in the 40k universe!

Expect part 2 tomorrow :)


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  1. black wash is AWESOME!!! the brown wash is good aswell. I very much like the new guard painting.