Friday, 1 October 2010

40K fiction - otherwise known as fluff

Hi all,

Angryman here with a question.  Are you for or against all the books dedicated to the 40K universe?

The most notable ones are the Horus Heresy series
These books tell the tale of the galaxy wide conflict that almost destroyed mankind as it was on the brink of total domination.

then there are all the black library novels
This arm of GW that specifically deals with fiction and fluff has hundreds of books out that cover all sorts of stories, tales and events that have happened, are happening and could happen in the 40K universe.

I myself am a great fan of the fluff, it sets up a rich story environment in which to plan campaigns, re-create events and inspire unique games.  I have started a couple of armies based purely on what I've read in a book.

So what do you think, are you a fan of fluff?

all comments welcome


  1. Im down for the books and fluff but i find myself less entertained by the events, battles & etc. after the heresy it just kind of lacks the luster the heresy captures

  2. Although iam a long time fan and pretty much a maniac wen it comes to 40k. Im well versed and really into it both table top, videogames and books. ive been an avid supporter of the game as a whole for years even working for GW at one point. GLORY TO CHAOS!

  3. same with me, i've been playing on and off for 16 years. I love the background fluff and the gothic appeal of the 40K universe.

  4. I think thier best stuf is the heresy books but I feel that the quality is patchy. The dark angel series was a drag but overall I have enjoyed the series. I cant help feeling thier missed some oppurtunities though, while some of the charatures are great I was particularly disappointed with the card board cut out that was Angron as well as Horus and Leaman Russ.

    It would have been a better series if they had dared to push the envelope more making the emperor and primachs more human less god like and push the science and progress more to really contrast the attitudes of the 40k universe

    I like some of the new overtures we are now seeing of the emperor as highly militaristic and insensitive to his son in some of the later books.

    I usually really struggle to enjoy the 40K stuff as it usually feels like a cliche but really enoyed Rynns world recently.

  5. btw while i felt that Leman Russ was a bit 2D I really liked the way they portrayed the space wolves and fenrisians in prosperro burns

  6. I agree with you, the primarchs seemed a bit too superhuman, i know they are as far beyond the space marines and the emperor is beyond them but making them less 'all powerful' would have given them something more in the books.