Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Badger's Big Update - Part 2 - Eldar Guardians

Hi everyone,

Today should be a lighter blog post for you all to digest, with the more bulky stuff coming towards the end of the Week.

Firstly, Cars are a pain. They're expensive to run, can break down out of the blue and absolutely ruin your Wargaming Fund, as happened to me at Britcon this year.

I went with a fair wad of cash in my pocket, ready to be wasted at the Stalls on my Squat army. Lowe and behold, the day of intended spending, the Car breaks down on the way to the event. Now perhaps, some may see it as a sign from the Financial Gods to withhold 40k spending. Me, I just had to decide how much I could likely spend and then go from there.

In the end, I bought a couple of bits and bobs just as test painters. Notably, a box of Snap Fit Eldar Guardians. I've never painted anything Eldar before and since there's a lot of complaining going on about how some people find them to paint, I thought I'd give them a go.

For me it was a choice between the Saim-Hann Craftworld and paint scheme, which is what I had initially been drawn to love about the Eldar range. I remember seeing that excellent Autuarch model when it was first released, the Limited Edition Bonesinger, new posed Farseers and so on. They were some of the tastiest looking models I'd seen.

The other option was Ulthwe. The appeal to me was I felt they would be extremely quick to paint, relying on colours that can be done in a quick single coat (Black and Cream) and also allow me the use of Mr Super Farseer, Eldrad. Now I know, the Internet thinks Eldrad is TEH OMG Character for Eldar, but personally, I love the Synergy aspect of the Eldar army, which part of that comes from the use of Farseer powers. Who better to increase my use of Farseer powers than Mr Eldrad himself.

So - do I choose the nice, bright and crisp looking Saim Hann? Or the super quick Ulthwe scheme?

If you've seen the Blog before, or seen me write, you'd know the answer - Ulthwe of course.

So this is the first Guardian. Really, really simple scheme - Spray it Black, paint the Gun, Facemask and some Ulthwe markings in Dheneb Stone, Gems and Cords in Mechrite Red. Then give it a good old splash of Badab Black wash and leave it be. Then snot green for the Lenses after the wash has dried. Simples!

The original test model used Blood Red for the Gems, but I wasn't sure and also running low on Blood Red, so switched to Mechrite.

They were that quick for me to paint that by time the Wash had dried on the test model, I had managed to paint up the other 3. The only thing that really took the time was resetting the black areas of the model - which is partly down to my brushes needing replacing soon.

So what do you guys reckon to the start of this Ulthwe Force? I reckon (no bragging intended) that if I had the models built and sprayed, I could get a full 2000pt army painted up in a free Weekend. The scheme is just that quick and easy to paint for me.

So what do you guys reckon to the scheme? All my reference to Ulthwe Guardian paint schemes came from the 40k Rulebook on one of the pages in the Campaign section. Are there any details I've missed (being a Mon-keigh) or painted up incorrectly?


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