Monday, 13 September 2010

[NEWS] Dark Eldar officially announced!

Yep, the unbelievable has happened.

GW's blog has announced the presence of "New Dark Eldar" coming "very soon". More to follow at the upcoming Games Day UK.

Quote from GW blog:
Yes, you read that right - the Studio have made some brand-new Dark Eldar and they'll be here soon. I found out this morning when I was flicking through an early copy of October's issue of White Dwarf (it's out next week) and could barely contain my excitement. Once I'd composed myself, I passed the copy to Rob and with camera at the ready, told him to turn to the back page.

Once you're done laughing at Rob, you can click on the image for a better look. For those of you attending UK Games Day, I've some more good news: Jes Goodwin will be there to talk about the Dark Eldar and knowing Jes, show off some cool Dark Eldar-related stuff. If you haven't picked up a ticket to Games Day yet and if you live in the UK or Northern Europe, then you can order a ticket by clicking on this link. If you live anywhere else in the world, you'll need to use the 'Country Select' menu at the bottom of this page and select the United Kingdom for the link to work. At the moment this is all I know about the forthcoming Dark Eldar, but as usual I'll do my best to uncover some more information for you. Watch this space.
Games Workshop Blog 13th September

Go mental people! The unthinkable has happened!



  1. I have no comment with which to comment with

  2. Collaspes dies, comes back to life collaspes and dies again. They better not change the archon as there is something cool and dangerous about a guy that is so awesome he can kill himself like a crazed goth.

  3. A picture of the new incubi has been leaked. They look the business!